Web Gems

In the mood for some innocent enthusiasm?

Here’s some web gems from recent Little League World Series. As a follow up to my post on Modern baseball versus the baseball of yester year, although I can’t back it up with any research, I’m pretty confident that baseball games between 12 year olds in 1920 didn’t look anything like this. I’m totally sure that games between twelve year old’s in 1964 looked nothing like this. But that’s not the point. The point is to feel good about something, anything that deserves to make us feel good, in the final days before the season sunrise.

This one runs about 20 minutes and you might not want to watch the whole thing but the intro might warm your day if you live in the north country fair.


Gator, children may be horrible, but some of them sure can shag it



If you’re enjoying this here’s some more.


Those of you with cold fingers and toes, those of you who are fans of teams that appear to be falling into the abys, better?


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