Bottom Feeder Feesh Stoop to a New Low

A quick post, from the world of mascots.

The Miami Marlins have terminated the mascot performer who has been Billy the Marlin. Billy himself has not been axed, only the guy who brought him to life.

I know that in the scheme of things, firing the guy who puts on a plastic head and acts a fool at games isn’t too exciting, but it shows a pattern of what we in my family called “cheap-ing out”. I highly doubt that the guy who played Billy the Marlin cost all that much. And while I know I’d do just about anything to be a professional mascot, a REAL professional mascot performer is actually part actor, part cheerleader, part PR agent, and part athlete of a sort. It gets damn hot in those costumes, guys. I was a penguin mascot a few times for a job I had when I was a teenager and it wasn’t easy, but it sure was fun. And hot.

fanfest_mascots_billy_the_marlin_410x516_z640kbhz_4p6vd9ogBilly the Marlin isn’t one of my favorite mascots. Not in the least. However, I think everyone knows by now that I truly love mascots and I have a real appreciation for the art of mascotting. When you’ve been the same character for as long as the guy who played Billy was, you have ownership of the character in a way. You breathe life into him. You connect with the fans, even the players!

It’s just sad. Mascot jobs don’t come around very often. I hope that the Guy Who Played Billy the Marlin can find another job as fulfilling and rewarding as this one.

11 thoughts on “Bottom Feeder Feesh Stoop to a New Low

    1. They probably found out terrible news about Guy Who Played Billy, like his dog is sick, and fired off a “you’re fired” text.


  1. As a money-saving opportunity, look for the Feesh to use their starting pitchers to take turns manning the Billy costume on the day following a start. Or perhaps the manager, following an ejection…

    Prof, I like the “bottom feeder Feesh” idea… I propose a team name change to the Florida Flounders. It is somewhat appropriate, after all, given the last few seasons.

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    1. “Guys, we want to put Bour in, in the sixth inning.”
      “No can do, Don. Justin is doing his weekly Billy duties.”


  2. This line of thoughtification does bring up an interesting question. Clearly, there’s a MLB roster limit—26 I think it is during the season. But what if there’s no minimum? Then Feeesh could further cut bait (sorry, couldn’t resist) by only carrying, say, 15 players. Or would that be something along the lines of the Royal Road to Hell?

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