Perfecto with Roy


Do you find yourself staring out the window, watching the snow fall while your baseball heart shrinks two sizes too small?

Do you sit aimlessly in front of the TV watching playoff football, trying to give a shit but you can’t — but that’s all that’s on WHY IS THERE NO BASEBALL DAMMIT!!!

Friends, let us fill this desolate time in our off-season suffering with some communal activity. I propose a group watching (with thread) of Roy Halladay’s perfect game.


Doesn’t the sight of that just warm your heart?

The game is apparently on YouTube and MLBTV (if ya got it), so if we plan a day and time, we can have a simultaneous cross-country viewing.

C’mon, it’ll be like the summer of 2010! Let’s make America great again.

Whadda ya say?

7 thoughts on “Perfecto with Roy

  1. I’m in. however, from about 7 pm on all seven days my cogniitive functionality is dysfunctional. Monday through Friday from about 8 am to 5 pm I entertain the attention of 5 2 1/2 year olds that are generally glad to see me. I’m a lucky fella.

    Right now I’m half watching The Avengers (on mute) while I listen to the Lettermen’s Greatest Hits. I could do better. If an early evening or weekend time and date can be agreed to I’ll do my best to be there.


  2. Nah, I was already there. Well, I was in the same state at the same time. Actually, I was at the Rays game in St. Pete while they announced Roy had completed the perfecto. It was actually the highlight of the Rays game, since no one hit bounced a ball off of any of the catwalks. Although….Hall and Oates did play a concert after the game, on the outfield “grass.” (It was Back to the 80’s Night, hey!)


    1. I saw hall and oates in the 90’s , I forgot where, but they had a lead guitar player they called the silver fox. He was phenomenal! His name is G.E. Smith. He eventually became the musical director of SNL. Anyways, my name is Slappy, and I always liked your posts.



  3. Oh my goodness Historio, you’re forgetting some of us are still somewhat invested in the Patriots winning another SB. That would be six! How many does Detroit have?
    Then we have the Celtics. Maybe a good playoff run. What will suck is the Yankees!

    They are going to win 14-5 games every other day. I’m thinking 103 wins if the starting nine only loses 2 guys. If everyone is healthy? 115.

    Sox could win 95 and not make the playoffs.
    But you know me, I am an optimistic guy, who always thinks the fucking best of my peers. Ha

    Glad you are still posting my friend, and let it be known that I too wore a black dress during the golden globes. I mean, I usually do on Sundays, but the spirit was there.

    When I win my first Emmy, I will kick James Franco in the nuts. And then run away because I am old and he would beat me to death.

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    1. The Borg will be conducting artillery practice against the rest of designatedhitterball, and even against a few real baseball teams this season thanks to interleague play. I’ll be watching the Judge and the Iron Giant banging forearms at home plate this coming season.

      I won’t be wasting my money on Fox Florida for the Feesh, though.


      1. I look forward to the Borg fans turning on their team like a bunch of ravenous piranha when they fail to win the World Series that some people seem to have already awarded them. There’s a reason you play the games, people.


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