New Year’s Resolution Department

Not much going on out there in the way of signings the next day or so, so I’m soliciting New years Resolutions. Yeah, you can post the usual weight loss vouchers, but I’m really interested in sports-related resolutions. Are we going to view, react, regard sports the same way in the new year?

Well, I’m gonna do it differently. This year I am not going to spend one single subatomic particle of money on the Feesh, and that includes going to games as well as cancelling my Fox Sports Florida cable subscription. (I’ve also resolved not to handle my turtles and then eat Ethiopian food without washing my hands.)

Yew all?

66 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution Department

  1. My 2018 sports resolution is twofold, one attainable and one likely not. 1) Be patient with the Tigers rebuild, watching for signs of usable young talent. 2) Soak up every moment of my son’s senior season of high school baseball and try not to get teary-eyed when he walks off the field for the last time.

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    1. Awwww, Sparty. Those are precious days indeed. Not just his last season of baseball, but just his last year in school. I still remember my senior year and that was a crazy, confusing time in my life. I’m glad you care and love your son – just make sure he knows. 🙂 It’s a wild time and no matter how excited and confident he might seem, he’s still scared a little bit.

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        1. With my luck, they’ll post a winning season and I’ll be the bad one for heckling them so much. :/

          Also, as fitting for the end of this terrible year, I came down with a stomach bug and when I took my car in for a repair Friday, someone hit it in the parking lot…gloom, dispair, and agony on me…


  2. After an oh-so-brief interlude last season, I promise to resume my hatred of the Yankees. Because of Jeter’s shilling and etc.
    I vow never to bet on the Dallas Cowboys again. Because you just can’t trust Jerry to leave the team alone.
    I will still not buy that nice orange Gnarlins cap I’ve had my eye on. Because it may make it more likely that Jeets’ eyeballs will burst in Hell.
    I will continue my tradition of not checking the MSL standings until the championship game. Because I have a life.


        1. Oh, I don’t know Historio…. John Rocker isn’t in the HoF and I still hate his guts roundly.


  3. Mine are….

    Write more. I don’t want to get into it all but I should write more.

    Go to more games. I only got to go to one this last year. I miss the game. 😦


  4. I resolve not to salt my own wounds by reposting the team pic with Verlander, Max & Miggy as my FB cover pic again this year. I resolve to finally toss the bottle of fake champagne I’ve been carting around since 2012 in hopes. I resolve to heckle Tubby Laird in person because I can now. And, I have a wedding dress to fit into.

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    1. If you have announced this before, Historio, I must have missed it. Congratulations in order.

      Of course you know what they say about marriages past the age of 30. The triumph of optimism over experience. 🙂

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      1. Oh, yeah, Paper and I are total optimists. lol

        I hadn’t announced it, although a few people know.

        Actual conversation with my mom when I first told her about him:
        Me: I met someone on the baseball blog.
        Mom: Oh, who’s his team?
        Mom: Who’s his team?
        Me: (knowing Mom is wont to rant about the local media shoving the Cards down our throats) uh…
        Mom: Oh, God, it’s not the Yankees, is it?
        Me: No! Not the Yankees.
        Mom: Just tell me.
        Me: Ok, he’s…a Cardinals fan.
        Mom: …I’m sure he’s very nice…
        And then she rooted for the Cubs in the Series.

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        1. Well, cool. Congratulations to you both. You start with a very large common interest base. Good marriages are built on less.

          Are you planning to win many arguments? 🙂 (I actually remember some of you guy’s early online flirtation)


        2. Sometimes, I wait til he’s about to drift off to sleep and say things like: I feel like Chris Sale is overrated. he he

          He’s actually come around on my MVP argument, mostly because he’s my MVP now.

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      1. Kirby Puckett was a horrible human being.

        “An article by Frank Deford and George Dohrmann published in Sports Illustrated in 2003 was the seminal power punch to Kirby’s reputation. By then we knew he was seemingly never faithful to his wife, nor mistress, nor many other his side pieces. He told his mistress he actually resented having to visit sick children in the hospital. He referred to his wife as the B-word for a female dog, and threatened to kill her many times. He locked his wife in the basement. He tried to strangle her with an electrical cord. One time, when she locked herself inside a room to get away from him, Kirby cut down the door with an electrical saw to get to her. He also once cocked a gun and put it on her head while she held their daughter, shaking” (

        I didn’t know about any of that during his playing days, but I wondered after that what the hell did the Twins know. I’m wondering the same thing about Sano now. A local Twins reporter here has said that he talked to five different people with the Twins organization and that they all said that they knew Sano was a pig towards women and was a “ticking time bomb”. So far only one current Twins player, Trevor May, has publicly stood up for Sano’s victim.. Maybe I can root for him, but I dunno.

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        1. Trevor May is a really great guy. I think he’s pretty cool.

          I wonder if the Org will try to sweep it under the rug, though? And this isn’t a knock on the Twins. I think that if a young up and coming player did this on ANY team, I’d have that same reaction. It makes you wonder how many times this has happened on my team.

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        2. This isn’t about what did the Twins knew and when did they know it, and what did they do or not do about it. It’s about what did I know and when did I know it , and what did I do or not do about it.


  5. I resolve not to always be a smarties. Wait, Gator has hands? I thought those were fins. Wait, do gators have fins or hands?
    Oh shit my resolution didn’t last long!


      1. I can’t remember the name of the Heinlein character who had several assistant/secretary types on hand. When he needed one he’d shout “FRONT” and whoever was next on duty would complete tasks as ordered.

        That’s my vision of you. You don’t need to type- whoever’s next will handle the mouse and keyboard for you.


  6. I resolve to make even more spelling, typography, and name and mental errors this season. FYI, we are renewed on the site’s domain for one more year, so you all better buckle up as we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

    Also, it appears my team of choice is about to embark on the dark times once again, so get ready for more snark, more soap box, and more cynical tonal writing from this guy right here.

    Also, as always, we are always looking for additional contributors around here. If you got something to say, we want to hear it. In particular we could use some help with the day to day transactions and feature articles.

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  7. I missed out on the moment of closure when it came to sports for both my kids; they’re both still in high school, but their basketball careers ended when they decided not to try out for a subsequent season, rather than at a senior night or final playoff game. They’re happy with their choices though (both are still active in other things), so that’s all that matters.

    As for me, I plan to fill the void of time that I used to spend coaching them with activities both sports-related and not. I plan to dust off my golf clubs this year and see if I can’t make it back to the foothills of respectability, as a 15 handicap is nothing to sneeze at, in my opinion. I also plan to see if perhaps I can’t teach this old dog some new tricks, and learn some skills that will make me more palatable to employers outside my current narrowly focused industry.

    Happy New Year to one and all.

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      1. It took me years to believe what everyone says about the game – You really should devote most of your practice time to shots you take from 100 yards and in, because that’s how you’ll lower your scores. Between that and playing regularly for money (very small stakes, but still enough to make it feel like there was a reason to compete) I found that I got good enough to sniff being decent.

        Haven’t played but once in five years though, so it’s gonna be a long way back.


      1. Mine, too. But I think that was more an artifact of the ’60’s. These days (regrettably) I think it’s more a part of high school orientation.


  8. I cruise into 2018 and will celebrate it by reaching full retirement age on the 16th of the month. First resolution in progress – I have negotiated a transition plan with my employer to full freedom. I will not longer work on Fridays for the next year. After that, I will work even less or none at all.
    On other notes:
    Now that the big monkey is off the Astros’ backs, I will be a little less of a frantic homer in my comments.
    I will go to a bunch of those Sugarland Skeeters games (AA franchise about 15 minutes from my house). Real baseball for about 20% of the price of going into Houston.
    I will shoot Scouts my E-mail address and consider an occasional contribution, if offer accepted.

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    1. We would love to have you!

      OK, I think WordPress allows me to invite by user name instead of requiring email address now, so I sent you an invite. Let me know if it goes through. Still email me anyways, so I can send you your basic welcome package. (It’s pretty light and I’m sure riddled with spelling errors.)

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  9. I resolve to read these threads and comment before they are a week old….


    I also resolve to contribute a bit more regarding my beloved Feather Lice (in Gator’s parlance).

    Also, we are less than a month from pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training, so there is that… life begins anew!!


    1. Hey dere Ossifer. Yeah, let’s have some more from up north. Been missin’ ya. FYI I plan to be at a few Feather Lice games myself this season. My starcrossed pal from the iconic Canadian rock band skidded into the boards playing hockey in October and compound-fractured his left hand but his physios have been assuring him he will be able to play his guitar again if he’s a good boy and does his exercises assiduously. Even so, come April he may have nothing better to do than sit with me at the Rogers wile I hand feed him his popcorn.


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