Merry Christmas to One and All

For those of us who celebrate, I wish a beautiful and joyous Christmas to you. For those who do not, I hope you enjoyed your day off (if you did, indeed, have a day off).

I got a bunch of socks, a pretty new winter cap, a Captain America ornament, some fancy hot cocoa, a cameo pin, and a very lovely new blanket (grey and white with snowflakes woven into it, and some sparkly yarn). My mother (sister, and grandmother as well) sent me my gifts in a large box. I have gone to eat pumpkin pancakes at a diner and came home to dig out my evergreen Christmas candle to burn through the evening as I did not decorate this year (I am moving soon, it would have been silly to drag my decorations out this season).

So, was Santa good to you? Did you get anything baseball related?

21 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to One and All

  1. Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks for another year of camaraderie, irrational fandom, and conversation. It has been a pleasure. I look forward to a better year next year. 🙂

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    1. Fandom, by its very virture, is irrational. And I like it that way! 😛

      Best wishes to you, maker of stuffed bacon wrapped dates and bread pudding (NO RAISINS. EVER!).

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  2. There was ackcherley an article in the opinion section of NBC News’ web site – a serious one – entitled “Isn’t it Time we Stopped Lying to our Children about Santa Claus?” Sigh.

    Since I know I have an enthusiastic culinary following here when I’m not ranting about the Feesh, here’s our Christmas dinner table. I lost three pounds, sauna-style, sweating over a hot stove for three days:

    Roast Rodan (goose) with apricot glaze
    Roast duck with hot raspberry pepper jelly glaze
    Roast ham with yuzu-mustard glaze
    Peach cornbread stuffing with chestnuts and mushrooms
    Candied roasted balsamic Brussels sprouts with shallots, pecans and thyme
    Steamed buttered green beans
    Goose gravy with chopped wild forest mushrooms
    -and then-
    Cranberry key lime pie
    Blueberry muffin bread pudding
    Salted caramel gelato (salted caramel is trending!)
    Blood orange sorbetto
    Galapagos Islands arabica coffee
    Assorted kombuchas (also trending! – a friend of mine brews her own peppermint hyacinth kombucha but her whole stash was already spoken for this year).

    By the time I was finished cooking my eyes were glazed, too. Then we warned the three houndlings of the Apocalypse that if they tried to snatch anything orf the table Santa wasn’t gonna visit them.

    Hope everyone had a peaceful, contemplative, restful day. .


    1. I just noticed some small article about how our Lowlife-in-Chief is bragging that he has put a stop to the “war on Christmas.” Oh no, is that nonsensical meme still in play? I recall some years back there were pickets at the local shopping center demanding stores replace “Happy Holidays” with “Merry Christmas.” The stores, whose owners seem to be more aware that this is a pluralistic society than the idiots out front with the signs, pretty much ignored them and I haven’t seen any of that nonsense going on for maybe seven or eight years now. Good riddance.
      So what does Hair Hitler do? Invoke a “war” that doesn’t exist (except insofar as the commercialization of the holidays triumphed a century ago) and then claim to have “won” it? Well, I guess when you’re pandering to rabble, any gambit will do.

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      1. Naaahhh, Rodan is an alltime classic. I named our holiday goose after them (there were two, remember?) because it was so huge:

        As I have often warned, this Rodan should not be confused with the sculptor who created “Man Shitting without Newspaper”:


    1. That would be fun. I watch the Food network from time to time and pick up the occasional recipe. The old FitTV network, which Discover Channel converted into a wretched reality show network about things like how to live with multiple amputations, used to have some really good cooking shows. Ah well.

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      1. aww, FitTV had a really relaxing yoga show called Namaste that was basically ASMR not on YouTube. I would watch about five minutes of it before I’d fall asleep lol.


        1. Dear Buddha! I did not fall asleep. The women on that program….the one named Lily, I think – the one without the Band-Aids – was my fantasy succubus….

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        2. As I am a heterosexual cis female whose straightness cannot be measured on the Kinsey scale, I alas did not have the same reaction to the Namaste ladies that you did 😂

          It was just suuuuuper relaxing. I’m sure if a bunch of Chris Evanses and Justin Bours and Mark Trumbos did shirtless yoga I’d pay closer attention!

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        3. Well, I always felt like a lesbian trapped in the body of a man so you’ll have to pardon my transhormonal peccadilloes. Lily Goncalves, that’s her name. She hails from Vancouver but runs a yoga center in Thailand now.
          Fit TV also had some great cooking shows like “A Lyon in the Kitchen” with Jeffrey Lyon. My candied Brussels sprouts recipe is based on one of his. Another favorite was “Sam the Cooking Guy” with Sam Zien, an executive dropout who decided he’d rather do a cooking show. I got terrific recipes from that show including spicy fatboy sausage pasta and the best matzoh brie on the planet.

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        1. I first had it in Scotland, as my old pal is a vegetarian and had made a huge mess of it. I thought it was delicious. Raw kale is, as the kids say, NASTY AS F***.


  3. I think my New England clam chowder turned out the way I remember it, but I don’t remember for sure. I was taught how to make it by a, um, very large old cook named Sally in the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital kitchen in the late seventies. I hadn’t made it since the late eighties. It’s base is a cream sauce thickened with a butter roux. For those of you who don’t cook a roux is a mixture of some oil and flour. The oil attaches to the flour which thickens the liquid by in turn attaching to the liquid. The oil, in this case butter, contributes to the flavor but isn’t visible to the consumer. Of course you can include only so much butter without making the sauce to thick. I was watching her make a batch of it in one of the 40 or so gallon steam kettles institutional kitchens use and saw her throwing in one pound bricks of butter straight into the already thickened cream sauce. I asked her aren’t we not supposed to do that won’t the butter float to the top? She replied ‘aw as long as you keep stirring it while you serve it they won’t see it but they’ll love to taste it’.

    So on Christmas eve I served my family the most unhealthy clam chowder I could devise to make, and kept stirring it while I served it. They said they liked it.

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