A Catch-All Post for Your Offseason Needs, Volume Two

All the old news that is still news!

Matt Adams signed a contract with the Washington Nationals. I think this is smart, even though the contract is a bit steep for a backup first baseman. But my team proves the rule that your bench can’t be too deep – Freddie Freeman is as good a player you could want, but there is no guarantee that they are going to be healthy. Big City was such a great asset for the Braves, and I am sure that he will be just as positive for the Nats as well. Best of luck unless you’re playing against Atlanta, because duh.

Did any of you guys see the news about Lil Timmy? He’s been working out…and working out! Wowzers! I miss Big Time Timmy Jim, don’t you? He was a joy to watch. Violent delivery, and I understand if he can’t repeat that motion anymore because it messed his body up. I hope that, unlike another former Giant pitcher (Brian Wilson) who tried to make a comeback, I sure hope that Lincecum can make it.

It’s almost Christmas, and we just finished up with Hanukkah. Let’s get jolly, people! And by jolly, I mean some emo AF Christmas music. Post your favorite not-so-merry holiday music in the comments – your favorite Prof is also your favorite emo.

4 thoughts on “A Catch-All Post for Your Offseason Needs, Volume Two

    1. I always want emo AF. I’m the one who prefers the Buble version of All I Want for Christmas is You, for goodness’ sake.


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