A Catch-All Post for Your Offseason Needs Volume 1

So much and so little happening. Not really enough for posts on their own, but too much to ignore. So for the next few days, let’s discuss it all here.

Also, here’s some music to get you through the day:

The big news is that the Feesh are having a fire sale so magnificent that Houston and Chicago are saying they’ve gone too far. This takes tanking to a whole new low. Poor Christian Yelich is probably wandering around the desert looking for another human soul. Jeter, please take pity on this poor Pete Davidson look-alike and trade him.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals did something really amazing and touching. And you guys know if I’m saying this, it must really be something. They traded Stephen Piscotty to the Athletics. Now, on the surface that’s nothing too special. But… Piscotty’s from the Bay Area, and his mother was recently diagnosed with ALS. Piscotty is very close to his mother and had been trying to figure out a way to help take care of her. The Cardinals, in a display of beautiful humanity, traded him to a hometown team to allow him to do just that. Huge respect to the St. Louis organization for reminding us that sometimes teams do good things because they actually care about the player and not just the bottom line.

The Cubs are out here signing every reliever and fourth man on the market – Tyler Chatwood, Brandon Morrow, and Drew Smyly.

Fernando Rodney is taking the show on the road to Happy’s neck of the woods.

Ohtani shocked us all by signing with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Orange County, California, United States, North America, Milky Way Galaxy. Then we were all shocked again when it was revealed that he has a partial UCL tear.

The Dbacks are shopping my boy Zack Greinke?????? Why?

Let’s discuss, fam.

31 thoughts on “A Catch-All Post for Your Offseason Needs Volume 1

  1. I was discussing, or TRYING to discuss, the Ohtani sich with my barber last week, who is a bit of an Angels fan (team tattoos on his face and legs..and possibly elsewhere?) He was preoccupied with the Thomas fire and his family’s impending move to Phoenix area after Christmas.

    I was wondering, Prof, if that’s meant to be snow, or bits of ash coming down the page.
    Makes me think of that scene in ep 1 of Man in the High Castle where the driver Joe has a flat tire, gets out of the truck and it’s “snowing” Except he finds out it’s a burn day for the crematorium down the road. Kinda like that around here about an hour’s drive from the fire. except sunny, mostly, and warm.
    Anyway, happy holidays to all.

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  2. What I wanted for Christmas was a matching set of LHP and RHP — new and shiny with long battery life. Then, it turned out we were playing Baseball Dirty Santa and THE DAMN STANKEES WHO ALREADY HAVE EVERYTHING AND DON’T EVEN APPRECIATE IT AND THROW IT AWAY LIKE A RICH OLD GUY LOOKING FOR A YOUNGER WIFE are eyeballing ROY MICHAEL FULMER NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE KEEP YOUR DIRTY NEW YORK PAWS OFF!!!! AAvila apparently 86’d that. Whew! But now it turns out, I need a new 2B , so I probably won’t get the pitching set — I’ll get at least one re-gift instead because I “El Cheapo” Jr has plenty of time to work on a ring before he dies. SON OF A BITCH!!!

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    1. 2B is covered with Machado. Learn to love it cuz that’s what we’re getting. I’d rather have a CF or LF that can hit. And VMart getting released but that won’t happen.
      AA can’t trade Fulmer, he’s the only starter that can (when healthy) be counted on pitching more than 5 innings. If he’s traded for suspects the Tigers will blow out bullpen arms at a record pace.
      To leave on a high note, here’s a little Christmas joy.

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      1. They are going to deal Little Sexy Fire and Machado will play SS (which is his real position) — unless they stick us with the new filler. 😦

        Thankfully, the rebuild will be around Fulmer (like the previous build was around Verlander), so AAvila has said they won’t trade him for anything not a steal. I guess my Christmas present is to cling to the star we have. Wohoo.

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  3. My wish list for the Astros:
    1. A lights-out bullpen lefty.
    2. A #2/#3 starter, preferably lefty.
    3. A fourth outfielder.
    4. Depth at backup catcher.

    Actually obtained:
    A sidearm righty and a former Cubs closer for the bullpen.
    Likely others? Probably not. ‘Stros are being careful with the farm after the Verlander trade. And they are probably not interested in the bid numbers flying around the best free agents at the moment. Right now the projected payroll is about 150 MM$, so they aren’t out of bullets by any stretch, but I expect they are starting to get a case of nerves over long term deals for Keuchel, Altuve and Springer soon. Not to even mention Correa lurking on the horizon. And Astros kids are signing up with Scott Boras right and left, so do the math.

    Well, the Yankees are loaded up. We will see how that plays out in October, most likely.

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      1. Pretty weird. I’m betting he is headed back to Toronto after Spring Training. But the Astros like to look for angles that other teams miss. Doesn’t always work, of course.


  4. And now the Damn Dirty Gods have got my hopes up with reports that the Twins put an offer on the table for Darvish and are waiting for a response. They’re making me go to twinkietown every couple of hours praying to see a joyous headline and leaving with empty dread.


      1. I just went to twinkietown for an update and got a picture of Bartolo Colon feeding pigeons in the Dominican Republic. I better go have another bowl of ice cream to increase the Twin’s chances.


      2. Rumor was that the Astros were willing to play on Darvish. (One assumes, minus the pitch tipping). But they might be pulling back. I have the feeling they are only interested in lowballing right now.


  5. Nats’ fan twitter is all, um, atwitter (sorry) with fanfic trades that they can make to reel in Mr. Realmuto from the Feesh, with lots of people willing to give up Juan Soto to get him.

    See we shall if this or any such dream becomes real, muto.


    1. Realmuto has my fondest wishes for success in Washington, or, to put it another way, I do hope he can escape from Jeter’s Inferno. Of the so-called “core” that would leave poor Christian “The Nazz” Yelich and Prof’s beloved Justin Bour trapped in a hell not of their own making. Since I’ve pretty much abandoned interest in this wretched franchise I can only hope some of my favorite players can find happiness elsewhere, because the environment at Macondo Banana Massacre Field is going to suck majorly for years and years to come.
      Meanwhile the Macondo Feeshwrapper is reporting that both Realmuto and Yelich are unhappy with the trades and don’t want to be stuck back in Triple-A de facto. Apparently Realmuto has already asked to be traded and Yelich is contemplating it.

      I have an editing project which is occupying most of my time at the moment but when I finish it in a few days, I’ll have lots more to say about the pig’s breakfast the Feesh have become.

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        1. Yelich, Realmuto, and my beloved Big Buckin Chicken need to go. I hate the idea of these great guys who love fans, love baseball, and have actual talent wasting their careers in a place that is the baseball version of a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.


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