First Round of Hall of Fame Voting Has Been Announced

We have two new members of the Baseball Hall of Fame thanks to the Modern Era Induction Committee. One of them, to me anyway, is a bona fide Hall of Famer who should have been in years ago. Someone who played with guts and vision, someone who defines an era for his team. Someone with integrity and passion for the game, who was so often overlooked.

The other is Jack Morris.

Please forgive me for editoralizing here, but I am pretty sure all of you loyal, longtime readers of my work know my views about Jack Morris, so I’m not going to waste my breath on a person who is not worth my time and effort.

alan trammell hallInstead, let’s be excited for a truly worthy new inductee, the legendary Tiger Alan Trammell.

For the ones who just missed out, Ted Simmons was off by one measly vote, and Marvin Miller (another one who should have been in years ago) only had seven votes. Such stars of yesterday such as Dale Murphy, Steve Garvey, and Luis Tiant had less than seven votes.

Players and executives who did not make it this year can always look towards 2020, when the Modern Era Committee votes again.


11 thoughts on “First Round of Hall of Fame Voting Has Been Announced

  1. I’m happy for Tram that he finally got in but it would have been much sweeter if he was joined by Lou Whitaker instead of Morris.
    As for the sexual harasser, he’ll have to be happy with being the worst pitcher in the hall.

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    1. Twitter has been on fire with folks posting the lifetime ERA and/or WAR of guys that have no chance at the Hall and how it compares to Jack Morris. People like…. oh, I don’t know, Carlos Zambrano, Jamie Moyer. I saw Dave Steib mentioned once or twice.

      All I know, and I said this on my personal twitter, is that people who complain that the Hall is for the Best of the Best and therefore we shouldn’t vote for guys like Billy Wagner or Trevor Hoffman or Mike Mussina can all kiss my ass because they just put in Jack Morris, a lizard in human skin, whose claim to fame is outlasting young and green John Smoltz in Game Seven, in the Hall of Fame. I mean, those voters can all bite me.

      Also, that soulless turd got 14 votes and Dale Murphy – who probably shouldn’t be in honestly but I’m a damn homer and I love him – got less than seven. And Murph was a clean player who is a gentleman and a genuine love of humanity. I mean, if character counts and everything. /sarcasm

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      1. Gotta put in a plug for Stieb, who really does have good numbers, and Moyer, who may deserve extra credit for his weird career-trajectory. Besides that, this group of voters is not the same as the voters who passed on Morris 15 times. Leave us not forget the unbalncedness of the Hall of Fame voting, which has been going on throughout its history.


      1. I know. I am an avid practitioner of fillet and release. I can personally assure you that there is nothing quite like smoked sailfish on a toasted bagel with cream cheese, cucumber, lettuce, onion and tomato.


  2. I am too drunk and tired to remember to you tonight how black Jack Morris of St Paul Minnesota made and won his final stand In game seven of the greatest World Series ever played. after I have slept I will try to explain why I don’t give a shit about the spreadsheet arguments of the stat heads.


      1. no you got me wrong. I do believe in the general usefulness of sabermetrics in assessing a player’s value. But try this thought experiment

        You are the newly minted general manager of a MLB team. Your goal is to enjoy a couple of decades running a successful team. You have two pitching prospects and must pick one. Your crystal ball tells you that the first one will pitch for 12 years. It will take about the first six years for him to get it going. He will have a peak of four or five years during which he will be historically great. He will win the Cy Young award three times during those years. The other one will give you a stretch of about 15 years every year of which, with the exception of exactly one, he will not be elite but he will be a solidly above average MLB starter who is the anchor of your rotation. In spite of his non exceptional abilities in the most important game of your team’s history he will indeed pitch to the score, a 0 to 0 score, and he will do it for 10 innings.

        Which one would you choose. The first one is Sandy Koufax the other one is Jack Morris

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  3. I’m of the opinion that Marvin Miller not being in the HoF is one of the greater injustices in baseball history, and the fact that the modern committee doesn’t give him any love tells me they have no appreciation for the impact he had on their lives.

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