All the Rumors


Let’s look into our crystal baseball to see what rumors can be laid to rest, and which have legs…

Where Does The Iron Giant Go?:  With all the Jeets shenanigans happening, it’s a matter of time when Stanton gets the ol’ heave-ho. Not an “if” but a “when”. This is a new regime that makes Scrooge McLoria look like he’s running the Bill Gates Foundation. In a case of the worst timing known to man, Jeets (or Lil Beep Beep, as our esteemed colleague Old Gator calls him) fired a long time Marlins scout who was just diagnosed with cancer and needs a kidney transplant. He’s also given the axe to beloved former players like Jeff Conine. Of course the new villainous owner of the Florida Feesh would do something anti-fan and boneheaded like get rid of their most popular (living) player for a salary cut and maybe some third or fourth ranked farmhands. But the question remains – where does Stanton land? OG, as well as many other fine baseball minds, think that he’ll eventually end up in Dodger blue. The rumor that will not go away is that the Cardinals are kicking the tires. I just can’t see it. They would have to give up too much plus eat some of his salary, and this is a franchise who kicked their most popular player to the curb because he asked for just a little more than they were willing to pay. [That would be Albert Pujols, by the way.] History tells us that St. Louis might not be comfortable with that option.

But how does Jeter and Circus find common ground with Los Angeles? Who would the Dodgers have to give up? Because you know they’d have to give people up. Obviously a named player would have to head east. A lot of people think Joc Pederson, and I could see that. The question is, who else? And ultimately, how much?

Most Precious: You wanna know why people call Shohei Ohtani the Japanese Base Ruth? Because this adorable child can pitch and hit, and doesn’t suck at either discipline. There is a hunger for this dude that reaches Ichiro Mania. Everyone wants him, and even teams that would never in a million years get him have fans convinced they are going to snag him. There’s really only one team that Ohtani has basically said “Bye Felicia” to:

Man, that’s a sick burn.

Two teams that keep popping up are the New York Yankees and the Seattle Mariners. Interesting because these are both American League teams and Ohtani has made it clear that he wants, and expects, to be able to both pitch and hit, and he’s very serious about it. The Yankees have already promised Ohtani that they would allow him to do both. I’m not sure what the Mariners have to say regarding Ohtani wanting to abide by National League rules, but they have pulled out all of the stops by asking current players and other staff members to fly down to Los Angeles for a meeting with Ohtani. Personally, if the Mariners can somehow figure out a way to get Ohtani to both pitch and hit in the American League, they have the upper hand. After all, they already have serious street cred among the Japanese baseball community due to…you guessed it…Ichiro. It’s closer to Japan than New York is, and as we’ve seen before, the Japanese baseball fans are loyal as heck and will travel to America. They have done it for Yu Darvish as well, but with lots of flights into Seattle from Japan, this might be a good fit. Also, the Mariners desperately need more high wattage stars, and Ohtani would be a shot in the arm for them.

What do you guys think? What other juicy rumors do you want to discuss? Let’s talk it out in the comments.

16 thoughts on “All the Rumors

    1. I don’t really know the specifics, to be honest. I am under the impression that he might want to not be a DH, but I guess it depends on the situation.


  1. The Doyers are in luxury tax hell, or would be in deeper circles of it, if they tried to take on GS, no? Apart from having some good OFs already, no problems putting butts in seats already, &c. Reasonable rumour, apart from all that I mean.

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  2. Ohtani can only be paid the MLB min of about 550 K / year and a signing bonus. The teams are not allowed to exceed the amount that they have left in their allotted international signing pool. There are four teams with about 3.25 million left to spend. One of them is the Twins. Ohtani sent a questionnaire to all the MLB teams which he will use to decide where he wants to play. The questions included one about the team’s athletic training approach and staff. The Twins recently hired team trainer is from Japan.

    I know that Japanese players seem to gravitate to the more prestigious (in their eyes) big market franchises, but this kid seems different. It’s said that rather than play for a contender he wants to play for a younger team on its way up. Sound like any franchise we’ve heard of? If he had waited two years he could have come over as an unrestricted free agent and probably snagged well over 100 million bucks but apparently money isn’t his thing. Last year he had his parents manage whatever it is he got paid, which might not be MLB money but is still a lot more than what we mortals usually make, keeping only a paltry sum for his personal expenses. The kid could come over here and make milk commercials with Joe Mauer.

    All in all I give the Twins about a 20% chance, but they do eat a lot of fish in Japan. Maybe he likes lutefisk


  3. The firing of the sick scout was kinda a last straw for me. It didn’t surprise me to hear that Michael Hill did it any more than that Jeter probably called it in the first place. I detest Michael Hill anyway and I can see Beep beep keeping him around because he’s precisely the kind of Peter Principle-fueled lowlife who will happily do your dirty work for you and carry your slops. Hill has demonstrated repeatedly that he’s an incompetent evaluator of talent, especially pitching. The justification for hanging on to him when far more capable and popular people are losing their jobs seems to me to occur somewhere near the nexus of political correctness and useful idiocy. In this early part of their ownership Team Loria Light have proven so collectively noxious they could wipe the smile orf my matamata:

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    1. When I read about the ailing scout getting canned I immediately wondered if you would sic your pet alligator on Lil Beep Beep, because that was a public relations nightmare. I follow some level headed folks on baseball twitter and all of them were disgusted. One person (rightfully) said why would anyone want to be a Marlins fan when the owner is so unfaithful to the people that make a team work?

      I’m just grossed out by the whole situation. I almost hope that they trade everyone worth a darn just so they get away from that sinking, rat-infested ship.

      Hey, Jeets, if you’re reading this I will gladly take Justin Bour off your hands.


    2. Sorry gator but you must find humeiois honor in the multiple 90 plus loss seasons you have in front of you must exist. And I must suppose that Isuppose that WWWWEEEEEE!!!!!!.


  4. I could see a growth industry here in Macondo for vinyl life sized Derek Jeter inflatable kicking dolls with whoopee cushion insets that go whaaaahhhhhhkkkkk when you plant your foot correctly.

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