Black Friday, Charcoal Saturday, Dove Grey Sunday – Hot Stove Deals?

S/O to the OG himself for the Turkey Day post.

hot-stove-750x400Now that Thanksgiving is over, and we’re heading into that time of the year when the Winter Meetings is almost upon us. This means that the Hot Stove will begin to heat up. Rumors will fly, players will learn of trades via Twitter, coaches will be let go and scooped up, and lots of questionable moves will be made, because that’s what baseball do (thanks forever Ron Washington).

There’s the usual suspects here – where is Giancarlo Stanton going since Jeets is so deadset on cutting costs off an already stingy payroll, will the Orioles decide to trade Zach Britton and what could they possibly get for him, is Chris Archer finally getting new threads, who is going to bite on new free agent Jake Arrieta, etc. Let’s look at some popular scenarios and what might bes, and start some Christmas Wish Lists in the comments.

Let’s start with a team that just got whammied pretty hard, my Atlanta Braves. The front office has a new, fresh coat of paint, having gotten rid of Coppy and John Hart. They brought in former Blue Jays’ executive Alex Anthopoulos, who is no stranger to some wild deals. The rumor I keep seeing is that AA will want to bring free agent Josh Donaldson to Braves Country. This could be genius, or it could come back to bite Atlanta right in the booty. Genius because the third base situation is pretty crappy right now; a potential problem because there are two guys on the farm – Rio Ruiz and Johan Carmargo – who play third and can probably come up soon. But then again, maybe not soon enough, and the Bringer of Rain can play right now. Would he be interested in a one or two year deal? That’s really all the Braves should want to invest in a hot corner guy since they can bring up Ruiz in the near future. Depending on whether or not Donaldson would take a short term contract, I would be open to this move. Donaldson brings another heavy bat and would be a good guy to hit behind or ahead of Freddie and Ender, who are our best sources of offense going into 2018.

130402225309-yu-darvish-ap2-single-image-cutWhile the pitching market is a bit weak right now, there are still some big names floating about. The aforementioned Chris Archer has been rumored to be on the block for Tampa for years now, and it feels like they just keep dangling him like a carrot in front of a rabbit. I don’t know if any team is willing to give up what the Rays are obviously asking for their young ace, but this is a new year and, as I said, pitchers aren’t plentiful right now. Especially when you consider that the other two big name guys could command some serious coin. Yu Darvish and Jake Arrieta are in line for a big paycheck, even with some downturns. Darvish pitched well in the National League (well, except for the World Series) and Arrieta had a bit of a low season, having his highest ERA since 2013. However, he still was able to engineering 14 wins and kept the ERA at a respectable 3.53 for the year. Any of these men could be up for grabs by a young and hungry team that needs a veteran ace to anchor their squads – maybe teams like the Minnesota Twins. Or, conversely, they could go to a team that needs a infusion of new talent to revitalize them – teams like the San Francisco Giants or the St. Louis Cardinals. I could easily see Arrieta signing with St. Louis and forming an alliance with Adam Wainwright and Michael Wacha.

The biggest news, in my opinion, is what will happen with your new National League MVP, the Iron Giant. There are a lot of things that could hamper a trade, but let’s break down what we can.

According to Jon Morosi from Fox Sports, the remaining 10 years and $295M left on Stanton’s contract might be what interested teams would offer were he on the open market. So while it seems outrageous, it might not be a deal breaker for teams with deep pockets. Teams like, say, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, or Boston.

stanton1Stanton also enjoys a very liberal, full no-trade clause. While he has made it clear he wants to play for a contender, I have a feeling he would also want to make sure that the contender is a place he would want to put down roots as well. Dude’s got a pretty sweet gig down in Miami. I doubt he’d want to give that up to live in Houston or DC. Nothing against Houston or DC, but when you’re young and flush with cash, that’s not the cool place to be.

OG might be able to glean some further insight into the Feesh situation, but I think that Jeets will find a willing trade partner. The only thing is will they get what they want from an Iron Giant trade, and how much are they willing to eat, because you know that the Marlins will need to absorb some of this huge contract.

So, fam, what do you think? I didn’t even touch on guys like Eric Hosmer and J.D. Martinez, or where Japanese Babe Ruth Ohtani might end up. I also didn’t talk about the rumor surrounding Chase Utley possibly retiring to become the Phillies’ bench coach. Boy, wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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11 thoughts on “Black Friday, Charcoal Saturday, Dove Grey Sunday – Hot Stove Deals?

  1. Hmm, 50 shades of the off-season?

    The Orioles only have $58 million in contract commitments for 2018 and it goes down to $41 million in 2019 & $21 million in 2020. Can you imagine JD Martinez hitting in that park? Maybe a Jake Arrieta reunion?

    Meanwhile, my Tigers will be sitting around waiting to hear “Attention KMart shoppers” blue light special announcements.

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    1. Man, Baltimore is cheap as heck. There’s no way they will cough up the money for Martinez. And I doubt Arrieta would come back. Besides, I wouldn’t. Roger McDowell is still the pitching coach there, and I saw what kind of backwards momentum other pitchers have under his “care”. Ugh I just… blah. Arrieta would be better off going to the Cardinals, the Rangers, or maybe even Arizona.


    2. Baltimore won’t spend with Machado and Jones free agency looming and Schoop not far behind them. They currently only have two starting pitchers on the roster and have to focus 100% on pitching. Hitters won’t really get them much at this point. Too much wasted money in Davis and Trumbo. Baltimore will pick up on C tier pitcher and go dumpster diving for the last two like they always do.


  2. I want a Japanese Babe Ruth and Taylor Thornburg for Christmas, so that the Twins have Twins on their roster. They could continuously trade uniforms so that no one is ever sure which one of them is pitching.

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  3. The iron Giant situation is gonna have its ups and downs before there is any resolution, if there in fact is one prior to the trade waiver deadline on July 31. The big guy has said he doesn’t want to play for a rebuilding team, he wants to play for a contender. That does not describe several of the teams so far identified as being interested: Philadelphia, San Francisco and, in its current pitching-poor condition, St. Louis. That leaves the Dodgers and the Beanbags. Boston’s interest was recently described as “tepid” by a Feesh source.

    My best guess is that the Iron Giant will use his no trade clause to narrow Loria Light’s options to the Dodgers, the Dodgers and the Dodgers. I suspect the Dodgers will figure that out and squeeze Beep Beep until he starts shedding tailfeathers. The Feesh do not have the money – I repeat, the Feesh do not have the money – to carry a big plug of the Big Guy’s contract so nothing may shape up until the middle of next season. If this is the condition into which the Iron Giant situation spirals, the Feesh may simply hold onto their only real box orifice draw and see if the Bums stumble out of the gate next season, which would strengthen Loria Light’s hand in finally hammering out an arrangement which sends your National League 2017 MVP to the team for which he really wants to play.

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    1. I have a feeling St. Louis pitching will be getting better this upcoming season. But it depends on if they can keep Lynn and bring in a big name guy (cough cough Arrieta, maybe Z. Britton to close). The guts are there, just need one key starter and a good closer.

      Ugh I hate saying this.

      But then again StL is a horrible place so I would never ask Stanton to go there.


      1. How can you call the town with the smartest and most savvy baseball fans in America (not to mention Maule’s Barbecue Sauce) a “horrible place” when you have Cleveland on the same planet?


        1. Because my family lives there and I know the seedy underbelly of its awfulness.

          There can be more than one horrible place, you know. And the grossness of Imo’s Pizza outweighs any bbq sauce.


        2. Yeah, and my mother and my favorite cousins. But it’s still a trashy place with a burned out house on every other corner, smoking inside of a Steak N Shake, the worst traffic I’ve ever driven in and that includes Chicago, the entire Baltimore to DC corridor, and Dallas, racists galore, and, again, Imo’s.

          But Ted Drewes is awesome and toasted ravioli is tasty, and Nelly has put out some straight bangers.

          Nah. I told my mom I’d rather live in a box on the side of the road anywhere than St Louis and the sentiment still stands.


        3. Yeah, but if you flick a cigarette into the Mississippi the river won’t blow up in your face. Now, in Cleveland…..


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