Happy Native American Extermination Day!

Today is the day we give thanks to the various extinct Massachusetts native American tribes, like, oh, the Pequod, for being gullible enough to keep our ancestors alive through the bitter seventeenth century weenters long enough for us to turn on them and wipe them out. Without their credulity, we might still be living in places like Luxembourg, Kaliningrad Oblast, San Marino, Gabon, Eritrea, Palestine, Hainan  and Myanmar.

So, while you’re enjoying your turkeys and the tryptophan therefrom is unraveling your telomeres at an accelerated pace, let’s pause for just a moment to kneel during the playing of our national musical trainwreck as your favorite football team takes the field and acknowledge with a bit of perspective the sea of both native and non-indigenous blood upon which we’ve floated this arrogant, vain, cockamamie civilization of ours.

Now then, what’s everybody making for dinner today?

Urrrrppppp. ‘Scuse me.

15 thoughts on “Happy Native American Extermination Day!

  1. Fairly typical. Mary’s Organic bird on the Weber, cranberries stewed in pomegranate juice with ginger and orange peel, blanched green beans sauteed with bacon & shallots. Salad of some sort. And thanks to Wallace (or is it Gromit?) some Wensleydale!

    And for me, some Porch Pounders to wash it all down with.
    So, Happy N E D.

    And to the Braves fans out there, well, um, maybe next year?

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    1. I might be the only Braves fan who isn’t losing my mind over the loss of many of these prospects. I am, though, marveling at the lifetime ban for Coppy. Dude is my age and his career is destroyed. Wild.


  2. Roast duck, spiral sliced roast ham with honey mustard glaze, roast turkey, steamed green beans, balsamic roasted Brussels sprouts with pecans and shallots, cranberry-Mandarin orange sauce, cornbread stuffing with chestnuts, apples and sour cherries, boosted egg nog, corn muffin and plum bread pudding with Latin vanilla ice cream or crumbled halvah with Persian pistachio rosewater ice cream melted over it.

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    1. I told my 13 year old granddaughter to fly her newly acquired Rainbow Flag that she has in her room with pride. And, because of courage obtained with talking with all of you, I told her mother something about myself, for the first time, that I hope will help her understand.

      You are mistaken, you were not alone.

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      1. ❤ Happy, that made me a little choked up. Thank you for the reminder that you’re never really alone when you have friends.

        Also? I’m so in awe of you today. Sending love your way.

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  3. I did not go home this year, and instead, joined a local family here in Yankeeland. Hence, dinner was in the evening (what the hell?). We drank mulled wine and ate appetizers while playing games in the afternoon. (The event was, thankfully, child-free.) There were stuffed mushrooms, brie, dates with almonds wrapped in bacon and roasted, cucumber sandwiches, a cheese and cracker tray, and a soft cheese with horseradish sauce and dijon mustard that was pared with glazed cranberries on a cracker. This was the better part of the eatings, actually, but we did get to the turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberry salad, roasted brussel sprouts, and beets (which looked pretty but my portion was small, out of courtesy, because — eww, beets). As always, my candied sweet potatoes were a hit (she said humbly). There was no pumpkin pie, alas! so I will have to make one this weekend myself. We did have apple crisp and a pumpkin roll though — so no suffering without dessert. I rolled myself home to digest in front of the fire, and despite swearing that I would never eat again, managed some leftover salmon for lunch today. Going a little lighter with some crusty bread and potato-leek soup this evening. Tomorrow, we shall venture forth again into the public sphere, but are hiding meekly (so as to inherit the earth) during the Black Friday madness today.

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      1. Pumpkin roll is marvy. My mom makes one every year. Imagine, a spiced pumpkin sheet cake, moist and delicious, with a cream cheese frosting swirl inside, and powdered sugar on top. It’s like a pumpkin pie and a jelly roll had a delicious baby.

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