The Iron Giant takes NL 2017 MVP

We might well be waving goodbye to the Iron Giant here in Macondo if Loria Light has his way, but he sure gave us one helluva season on the way out: 59 HR, 132 RBI, 123 R, .281 BA, .632 SLG, and some terrific defense in right field. Everyone who wondered what the guy’s potential could be if he spent an entire season healthy got their answer this year and it was glorious to behold. I was at the game some years back where he famously lined one of his lasers orf the left field auxiliary scoreboard and knocked out a quarter of its pixel screens, and I’ve been on hand to witness some of his other monstrous blasts at Macondo banana Massacre Field bounce orf Tommy, the Budweiser sign and the glass wall about 470 feet from the plate behind the concourse above dead center field. I’ve also seen some of his less well covered one-bounce throws from the deep right field wall to home plate either to nail a runner or scare the living crap out of one.

If he’s gotta go, so be it, but it was a thrill and an honor to watch him these past seven years, and I hope he makes it back to his beloved LA.

6 thoughts on “The Iron Giant takes NL 2017 MVP

  1. Always tough to watch, Gator. But he put on a real show for you guys this year. It’s a practical consideration of modern baseball. Everyone knew when Loria backloaded that contract he was cooking it for the Giant’s departure. It was just a little more cynical than most we see.
    Houston will face a similar issue in 2020. It’s a nice mid-size market, but there is no way they can keep all the young stars they have percolating in the system. You get to feel like you know those guys personally and it’s hard to seem them go somewhere else. But it’s business.


  2. In the big picture of baseball contracts, Stanton’s is actually quite reasonable. For players currently signed his $25 million for 2018 only ranks 12th, drops to 13th in 2019 then goes to 9th in 2020 when he can opt out. I’d expect he should bring a king’s ransom in return.

    Would you like to see Puig as part of the return package if he goes to the Dodgers or just take as many prospects as possible?


  3. My computer croaked on Saturday. so I bought myself a17.3 inch (old man eyes) laptop. Restoring web settings the first favorites link was this site. the second one was Pandora.

    it hurts so good.


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