Awards are the Reason for the End of the Season

Awards are being given out for the end of the season, and today we had our Rookie of the Year and Manager of the Year presentations.

To no one’s surprise, your ROYs were Cody Bellinger of the Dodgers and Aaron Judge of the Yankees. Unanimous choices for both, which was also not a surprise. Both Bellinger and Judge had seasons of enormous presence, and came onto the scene with great power and finesse. Baseball is in a good place, rookie-wise. Between these two phenoms, and other young players like Andrew Benintendi, Rhys Hoskins, Trey Mancini, and others, we’re going to be spoiled. Not to mention guys like Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, Ender Inciarte, even Bryce Harper, who is as old as some of these “rookies”.

Manager of the Year, for me, wasn’t a surprise either. Worthy choices, all, but I think MLB actually picked well this year. Those of you who follow my Twitter account will know that I had predicted that Torey Lovullo would win the NL Manager of the Year award, and that I would give the AL nod to Paul Molitor (although I had thought AJ Hinch would win). Imagine my non-surprise when it was announced that, indeed, Moli and Lovullo both won the honor. One reason why I would have given the award to Moli was precisely because of the stat discussed below:

Next up… the Cy Young Awards. We will have a separate post for that, I promise.

5 thoughts on “Awards are the Reason for the End of the Season

  1. In any other year Trey Mancini would have won it with his .293 BA, 24 HR, 78 RBI and .338/.488/.826 slash line. This sadly was not any other year. When you have a rookie of the year also in the running for MVP, well the choice is very clear.


  2. I don’t really have developed opinions on who does or doesn’t deserve these awards because, even though I respect them, I don’t have the energy or interest to understand all these latest metrics. The best I can do is novice level original Bill James stuff. However I do think that there is a slight bias in favor of Twins players and managers.

    I’ve read that the year Morneau won the MVP there were probably three for four guys who deserved it more. It felt tike the voters thought here’s this seemingly nice clean cut Canadian playing for a small market team who did have a very good year so let’s go give him a hug. When Gardenhire won the MOY award I think they were thinking here’s this certainly not bad manager of a small market team that had its first good team in a while so let’s go give them all a hug through him. I think the same sort of thing happened here for Molitor plus he’s a hall of fame player finishing his dream career managing his home town team and isn’t that nice. And Dozier won a gold glove even though the stat heads consider him only somewhat better than your amazingly athletic average MLB second baseman these days, I suppose for the same sort of reasons.

    But the defensive awards Buxton received are real: Rawlings Gold Glove, Wilson Platinum Glove, best defensive player at any position award. . Around the middle of the season I saw a chart of the dozens of flys to center to that point in the season hit while Buxton was in center. Something like three for four them had fallen in while all the rest were outs.

    If you hit a fly in Target Field you best be swinging for the fence, and if any of you want to see first hand the best defensive baseball player in the world ply his trade, I’ll meet you at Matt’s Bar and Grill.

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