He Said, She Said – Recap For Game 6

Damn, what an excellent series this has been.  After scoring approximately 514 runs the last game, we got an honest to god pitchers duel in game six.  I’ve rooted for both teams this series.  While I’ll be happy with either team winning, I’m slightly more rooting for the Astros for a variety of reasons.  I like a few of their players a lot.  I like the team’s energy and how much fun they are having.  I like that they are relatively a smaller market team than giants like the Dodgers and the Yankees and the Red Sox.  I like that they have never won one before, and I like that the city is really, really, really into it.  But last night I was 100% rooting for the Dodgers.  Simply because I did not want this series to end.  Every game has been entertaining, intense, and a nail-biter.  Every game has gone down to the wire and I swear if they played 14 more games, they would each win 7 in the same fashion.

Things were looking really good for Houston for most of the game.  Justin Verlander was dealing once more.  No one could touch him.  George Springer hit a solo homer in the top of the third and the Dodgers could barely scratch out so much as a single hit.  For five strong innings Verlander looked like he was going to go the distance and pitch an epic performance.


And then in the 6th the wheels completely came off the cart.  Austin Barnes lead off with a single.  Then Verlander plunked Utley the Buttley.  Chris Taylor followed up with a double that left men on second and third, and Corey Seager picked up an RBI off a sacrifice fly.


Suddenly Justin Verlander went from dominant to what the hell happened?  Joc Peterson picked up an insurance homer off Joe Musgrove in the 7th, and the Astros went quietly into that good night. Verlander pitched a masterful 6 inning, 3 hit, 9 strike out performance.  But all it takes is one bad inning.  One bad series of unfortunate events.


Of course after the previous games, everyone fully expected the Astros to come back in the 9th.  The camera kept showing Clayton Kershaw and Alex Wood wandering around the bullpen, looking like they were just waiting for their numbers to be called, just in case they were needed.


But no comeback would happen, the bullpen did it’s job, and we all get to enjoy this wonderful series for one more, final game.  Winner take all, let’s get ready to rumble!  Late season trade acquisition Yu Darvish will face off against Lance McCullers in the season finale.  McCullers previosly beat the Dodgers in his last appearance allowing three runs, and four hits over 5.1 innings.  Yu Darvish has struggled this post-season partially due to slicker than normal baseballs affecting his slider.  In game three Darvish only recorded 5 outs, allowing 4 runs.  Are you not entertained?  Are you not excited?  Let’s do this thing!

12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recap For Game 6

  1. Scouts, I notice a lack of expletives in this recap so let me supply it. Josh fuckin’ Reddick you have one fuckin’ job to do with guys on 2nd & third and no outs. Hit a fuckin’ fly ball and get a run in. You cannot strike out in front of the pitcher slot you fuckin’ waste of flesh choke artist! (Apologies to any offended parties, but I needed that therapy).

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    1. Josh had a career year in 2017. I think the Astros were surprised and pleased he did so well.

      I guess this is some regression to the mean stuff going on. He sure stinks.


  2. And Lasorda was there to gloat too!

    RE: the military displays, if MLB was really patriotic, it would extend the season so we could go full militgasmic for Vet’s Day. You know, in honor of our failure to compromise our way out of wars.


  3. Well, expect to see a team photograph of the pitching staffs for both teams tonight.

    For the Astros I actually expect McCullers-Morton-Peacock, as dictated by circumstances. If a left-handed specialist is needed, I see Keuchel. Giles possible if no more than three outs needed. McHugh is the wild card.

    If I were Roberts I would use a similar logic with Darvish-Woods-Maeda. But I kind of expect he will fall back on his bullpen-using ways.

    Should be a free for all. But I expect close, because I don’t think either manager is sticking with anybody.

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