58 thoughts on “GGGGGGame 7 Chat Post

  1. Checking in from Minnesota. My coworkers dragged me to dinner where there’s no tv. Got on twitter to see Darvish’s spray chart. Yuck. But it looks like McCullers isn’t so hot either. Come in Stros. Come on Bregman, come on Springer!


  2. Is this really happening? I went out to hear some jazz tonight to keep my mind off this, couldn’t sit still and listen, kept checking my phone like some goddamned teenager. Figured I might as well go home and endure it. I envision Stex peeping out between his fingers.

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  3. Congratulations to former Braves Charlie Morton, Cameron Maybin, Evan Gattis (El Oso!!!), and most especially Brian McCann on winning a well deserved World Series championship! We should’ve given BMac a ring years ago. I can’t help it, y’all. I cried a little.

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  4. That was weird. Springer on the cover and everything. Sorry I wasn’t around more last night. Simultaneous texting with my grandson and an old college buddy.

    Nice, well-played baseball game. Perfect way to end an amazing year.

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