World Series Game 6 Chat Post

Let’s get ready to rumbuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here it is. GAME SIX. The Astros could finish it tonight, or the Dodgers could force it to one more.

Will Verlander be brilliant? Will Hill have the game of his season? Will stex survive and/or will we need to start that GoFundMe for his tolls?

Here we go, yo!

Get it, ‘Stros!

28 thoughts on “World Series Game 6 Chat Post

  1. Some good news before the game action gets too hot. Trump game to my house tonight trick or treating. He promised not to start a nuclear war in exchange for an extra candy bar. I know, you’re welcome.

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    1. If the season ends tonight the way I hope it does I wanna push Verlander around the yard to mulch up the leaves.

      You see, young lady, liver’s not so bad if you add enough fried onions and bacon.


  2. If there isn’t a game seven tomorrow maybe BBC America will be showing Star Trek voyager episodes or the Smithsonian channel will be showing Mighty Planes episodes. I’ll take the risk.


    1. Justin Verlander has the kind of option for solace about which most of us can merely fantasize. Pardon me if I don’t feel too sorry for him.


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