Scrooge McLoria Reportedly Turns Down Hair Hitler’s Blandishment to be Ambassador to France

The Macondo Feeshwrapper is reporting tonight that the Feesh’s former unlamented owner Scrooge McLoria has ackcherley turned down the Rabble’s Choice and declined to be appointed Ambassador to France.

Now why would he do such a thing? Here are some guesses:

1) Robert Mueller,  shown here describing how much longer Trump’s nose has gotten since he began his investigation.

2) Benjamin Franklin, shown here as Ambassador to France, where he became wildly popular.

3) Trump’s cratering presidency, here observed by a group of Republicans.

6 thoughts on “Scrooge McLoria Reportedly Turns Down Hair Hitler’s Blandishment to be Ambassador to France

  1. Okay, so I know you haven’t had that much fun in Miami since McLoria sold out (even though it was a good thing). I see the fire sale is about to start up for the good players. Do you think the new management has the intellectual firepower accumulating to try to emulate the Houston experiment?

    I’ll have to tell you it was bitterly painful five years ago, but it’s much more fun now.


    1. I’m sick and tired of watching halfassed teams take the field, sick of rebuilding, sick of watching star players traded away by cheapskate ownerships. We have one truly exciting, once in a lifetime player on this club and if he’s traded in a salary dump and for the excuse of “a few good pitching prospects” there will be nothing on that field to merit my interest or attention. If Jeter and his pals didn’t have the money to invest in the team on the field after paying the ridiculous price Scrooge wanted for this franchise, they should have let Jorge Mas buy it.

      A “few good prospects” is like the good news-bad news joke about the guy who awakens in the hospital after a car crash. The nurse says the bad news is that we had to amputate both of your legs. The good news is that the patient in the next bed wants to buy your slippers.


  2. BTW, we may not end up doing much better, but at least we aren’t sending that little swindler to France.

    Is Sarah Palin busy? :-0


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