World Series Game Five Chat Post

I’m not sure what’s happened to Scouts and Prof tonight so I’m just gonna set up this impromptu version of our game-by-game chat post. As I write this the Dodgers have already begun teeing orf on Dallas Keuchel, whose control ain’t there, to the tune of 3-0 in the top of the first and they’re not done yet. Clayton Kershaw and his magic fiddle await the Astros when they finally get to bat. Have at it.

37 thoughts on “World Series Game Five Chat Post

    1. This game is competitiive. Even if this game winds up at 10 to 0 because of some tilt, these guys are at each other’s throats. This play off is as close as it could be. Day after tomorrow JV will have his say, and then we shall most likely see what we will see in a game seven..


      1. IDK if Houston can win if they don’t win this one. They’d have to win 2 in LA. I am not confident they can do that.


        1. Not confident is a gentle assessment philiac. I am comfortable saying that the Astros may well win in one in LA. They won’t win two.


  1. Quite a channel surfing night here in the D with game 5, Lions-Steelers and Pistons-Warriors all on. Fortunately came back to WS in time for Altuve to happen. To steal an old boxing phrase, he could be the pound for pound (or inch for inch) best player in the game.

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