World Series Game Four Chat Post

Today it’s the battle of former Braves on the bump – Alex Wood against Charlie Morton. Hard for me to choose which pitcher I’d rather do well…..naaaaaaah. Still solidly Team Orbit.

Also, as an aside, my cable is actually working so guess who can actually WATCH the game as opposed to trying to find a radio feed that cuts out all the time or trying to catch stuff on twitter? Your friendly neighborhood Prof, that’s who.

Let’s get it on!

28 thoughts on “World Series Game Four Chat Post

  1. If only. It’s 33 degrees here today and if the Twins had been successful in the playoffs the Dodgers would have gone to a 90 plus degree game time temperature in game two to the low 30 degrees and a …possible snow delay for game three, it would have been interesting. Go Astros but it could have been fun. Maybe next year.

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    1. I’m going to be in Minnesota this week on business. Already trying to figure out the best clothes to pack lol


    1. Morton is pitching better than Wood, I feel, but both are still out here being very impressive. I think it’s going to take an error to get someone on the board at this point.


  2. Astros take the lead by going yard. Our boys are just too big and strong. The game has changed. Got to make the yard bigger. Even though go Astros.

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    1. Cody Bellinger runs like a gazelle. I’ve barely had a chance to watch him play this year and he’s been pretty sucky in the playoffs.


  3. Shoot. I will say this, Alex Bregman is leaving it ALL out there. The Astros should not be ashamed of this young man. What a drive.

    And Clayton Kershaw is HUNGRY, y’all.


  4. What the hell was Hinch thinking, bringing Giles, the Astros’ official post season late inning batting practice pitcher, into such a tight game? He’s been getting smacked around ever since late September.The guy couldn’t throw a pigeon pea past an astigmatic cyclops.

    Maybe Hinch hit his head harder than reported during that bar brawl the other night.

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    1. No kidding. I thought that, too. Giles has been garbage lately; Dev has been better in relief. And I still debate if it was the right choice to yank Morton when they did. I don’t know.


  5. Apologies to stex, but I did not go in the kitchen during the game last night. We hosted some folks, so after I made dinner (an Octoberfest meal), I mostly stayed out to visit with people. I guess you weren’t circling the tollroad either. 😦


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