Beep Beep’s Administration is Starting orf like Hair Hitler’s


While the administration of that ambulatory sack of excrement in the overpriced suit in the White House continues to set the coal standard for ineptitude in staffing and maintenance, Derek Jeter, of all people, seems determined to win the second place money. Well he did wear Number Two, after all.

First orf, he made himself look like a schmuck by asking the Chihuahua to fire Marlin icons Andre Dawson, Jack McKeon and Jeff “Mr. Marlin” Conine from their advisory and PR jobs even before his group had concluded their purchase of the franchise. Then, he hinted roundly that he’s going to strip down the payroll and exile the franchise’s face and only really exciting player, the Iron Giant. Oh, that will pack in the fans, Derek.

An article has surfaced in The Macondo Feeshwrapper  ( Conine nicely told Jeter to go take a flying fark at a rolling donut when the future Gall-of-Famer called to offer him a pissant job visiting Cub Scout Troops and hanging around Spring Training to glad hand sycophants for half of what he was being paid before.

Mr. Marlin made it pretty clear he had bigger and more promising opportunities elsewhere, that the revised job offer “diminished everything across the board….I didn’t feel it was worth my time and I’m going to explore other opportunities.”

Dear Buddha, Derek, what a stupid thing to do.

Jeter is definitely not earning the love and approbation of the maimed and traumatized fan base Scrooge McLoria left behind. Some of his comments and moves have been so stilted and clumsy that you have to wonder how this guy made it through his entire career with a reputation for being a smoothie.

2 thoughts on “Beep Beep’s Administration is Starting orf like Hair Hitler’s

  1. Puzzling. How could a former short stop not understand how to run a multi million dollar sports – entertainment organization involving thousands of people, and millions (theoretically) of customers – fans? Wasn’t he Mr. Intangible or something?


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