He Said, She Said – WS Game 2 Edition


Holy hell, what the hell happened last night?  Because Fox and MLB insist at starting games at 8pm, I was asleep by the 8th inning.  At that time, Houston had just scored a run to turn a 3-1 deficit into a 3-2 deficit.  Was it worth getting up out of bed and turning everything on to watch the last inning?  “Nah”, I said to myself, I’ll just go ahead and get some rest before my early morning wake-up time.  I then wake up to find out almost a  whole ‘nother game was played!  7 runs were scored in my slumber and a pitchers duel turned into a fucking home run derby!  Let’s break, break it down.

Game 2 started out as one might have expected with Verlander v Hill dueling it out.  Verlander had a no-no going and looked to be making short work of the Dodgers until Joc Pederson jacked a solo in the 5th.  Corey Seager followed him up with a two run blast in the 6th that sent Verlander packing.


Rich Hill lasted 4 innings, giving up 3 hits and 1 run before Kenta Maeda was brought in.  All things were quiet until the 8th where the Astros picked up a close the gap run off Carlos Correa’s single.  Marwin Gonzalez tied it up in the 9th with a homer to center and suddenly we have a new ballgame.


Once we reached extras, all hell broke loose as Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa homered in the top of the frame.


The Dodgers answered back with a Yasiel Puig homer and a Enrique RBI single.



Then in the 11th George Springer jacked a two run shot to right which turned out to be the game winner for the Astros.  The Dodgers still answered with one last homer, this time by Charlie Culberson, but it wasn’t enough to buy the Dodgers any extra time.


The game ended up lasting 4 hours and 19 minutes which means it ended well past midnight on the East Coast.  This game was almost two hours longer than the night previous.  We have the night off for travel and will end up in Houston tomorrow where Yu Darvish will face off against Lance McCullers Jr, what will happen is anyone’s guess, but this is quickly turning into one of the more entertaining World Series match-ups in a long, long time.  But for the love of all that is holy, can we PLEASE move the start time up to something a little more reasonable?  8pm on a weeknight is just too damn late for a very large portion of America.

12 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – WS Game 2 Edition

  1. I already dropped comments about Verlander’s tirade, a long tradition, and Devenski’s wild throw into the previous post. I hate being TOO repetitive.

    But one other quick thought. I said at the start that if Springer and Reddick are MIA the Astros lose the series. Now that they are heating up, I think there is a real decent chance. So we say there is a chance…………

    Amazing game. But with no more games scheduled for the hot desert air, it may be a little less crazy. If I’m wrong, it’s because both bullpens look tired to me. And that makes for craziness.

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      1. JD is still not a bad thought. He started in Houston, so there might be some dynamic there. They will be needing an outfielder after this year when they don’t renew Beltran (not that he was anyway). Jake Marisnick and Derek Fisher will fighting for it, with maybe a couple of minor leaguers. So some deal like that could make a lot of sense.


      2. I also deserve some mojo credit: each time I went into the kitchen to do something real quick last night, the Astros scored. I guess my place is in the kitchen for the rest of the Series.


        1. Funny story. I was driving home from a family gathering (wife’s) in east Texas when they beat the Yankees with Altuve’s slide. I was on the West Sam Houston tollway.
          I was driving home from visiting my grandson at college when they clinched the pennant. I was on the West Sam Houston tollway.
          I have already been informed by friends and associates I had better be driving in circles on the West Sam Houston tollway all week end.


  2. Because I have been working like a dog lately, I fell asleep really early and missed most of the game. Hell, I nearly forgot to post the chat post! So it was a pleasant surprise to see that the Astros won.

    Hard to believe this is their first ever World Series victory, but they got swept in 2005. Grumble, grumble. Biggio and Bags and Roy deserved better lol.


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