17 thoughts on “Game Two: World Series Boogaloo

  1. Kershaw may be the best pitcher of this genreration, but Verlander is the best pitcher of this moment. Tonight is he not the astro’s Lazerous?


  2. The pitcher’s duel has turned into a friggin home run derby. Well, we get free tacos with our Halloween hangovers anyway.

    This has turned crazy.


  3. The Astros won’t say what Verlander yelled at them in the 11th. I’m sure a few nearby ears were scorched. But it seems to have worked. The Astros have their first WS game win ever.

    (Removes 55 year old monkey from back. Empties bananas from pockets).

    A game of crazy bounces, like you might expect from two fast, talented teams. But if Devneski’s errant through to second doesn’t hit that umpire, Hernandez probably makes it home and the game is over.

    However, that is in alternate universe. In this one, the Astros won and my sphincter is tired from clinching.

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        1. I’m not sure that I’m happy about giving away the buffer that would be required for Kershaw to win again. That game is in Houston.

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