World Series – Game One Master Post

Clayton KershawWell, fam, it’s almost that time! Game One of the Fall Classic is upon us. It’s Kershaw versus Keuchel – lefty versus lefty – Amish ballplayer versus Amish ballplayer oh no WAIT.

Will Jose Altuve loom large? Will JT the Red Panda power up? Will Springer or Puig mow one of their teammates down to catch a ball? Who knows? Let’s talk about it here!

20 thoughts on “World Series – Game One Master Post

  1. Kershaw is magnificeint, registering 21 strikeouts in an 8 2/3 rds inning competition againsnt an amazingly wiley Keuchal, until, Verlander shockingly appears as a pinch hitter and goes yard. Game one: Astros 1 Dodgers zip. Good marches evil retreats.

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  2. Aw crap! Once again, down here in Oz our monopoly pay-tv provider is showing the second-rate feed from MLB International. That means we get Matt Vasgergian & Buck Martinez for commentary, no ultra slo-mo replays, no strike zone overlay, no pitch tracks, no Statcast, and no field level commentary or interviews. On the plus side, we don’t have to listen to Joe Buck…

    Sorry Happy but your 1-0 Astros prediction didn’t last long…


        1. Yeah, I wonder if some of these guys were wishing they’d shaved — or at least pull their hair up off their neck.


  3. I’ve never really watched Kershaw that much. Dude shows real promise. 🙂

    I have to say that it looks to me like the home plate ump is calling a good game.

    Springer looking like a rusty gate.

    C’mon Astros! Break through!

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      1. Looks like the game may come down to one mistake by Keuchel. On any other night you would take his solid performance. May not be enough tonight.


  4. It’s difficult to defeat someone like Kershaw even on a bad day. When he’s straight up pitching lights out filth? Well. Orbit’s Boys didn’t stand a chance against him tonight. It’s okay, Houston. LA can spot ya one.


    1. It was a really great game. Epic pitcher’s duel. I just don’t like the result.

      And on careful consideration I don’t think Keuchel hung a slider. I think he tried to slip a high fastball in and Turner was ready.

      Life in the fast lane.


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