Game Seven Chat Post



It’s Game Seven.

Astros vs Yankees.

Someone is going home, and someone is going to the World Series.

It’s all happening.

Let’s talk about it!

16 thoughts on “Game Seven Chat Post

  1. Morton, McCullers & Co have been good. This game has been fun and whatta catch, Springer (call the ball earlier next time)!

    I know you love Smoltzy, prof, but his commentary is not the best. Still, a great game. Loving it all. Cheers (with my beers)!

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    • Here’s the thing about Smoltz: he was a LOT better when he wasn’t trying to cater to a national audience. For example, he used to tell these great dad jokes. Stopped that entirely. I think he scrubbed all of the things that made him enjoyable. 😕


      • After that “first guy in the 3rd slot to hit hr’s in game 6 and game 7″ (or whatever) business, we decided he must have gotten some tips from Tim McCarver. Like wth? Altuve is probably also the first player under 5’6” to hit hr’s in games 6 & 7 too, but that’s not a real stat or WHO CARES??? He’s not as bad as Ron Derpling though.

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        • My favorite baseball person to follow on Twitter is Ryan Spaeder. He’s fun, he’s opinionated, he knows stats (and he’s really super easy on the eyes but shhhhhh let’s not talk about that). I’d love to hear him do some commentary on a game once, just to see if that translated to TV.

          But, knowing the way other guys have turned out, he’ll have a year of being fun and engaging and then they would make him “national” or big time or something, and then tell him he has to change certain things and boom, he’ll stink like everyone else stinks.

          That being said, Brian Anderson is the Brewers’ usual play by play guy, and he sometimes does national games, and is still the same BA that he is on regular Brew Crew outings. I like him a lot.


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