Mascotless Team Clinches NLCS Victory; Heads to World Series

Fam, we are living in a dark timeline. We might have a World Series without a mascot. What will I do? WHAT WILL I DO!?!?

Seriously, though, congrats to the Los Angeles Dodgers, whose smart play and some Enrique Hernandez luck overcame the reigning World Champions to get to their first World Series since 1988.

Will we stop talking about Clayton Kershaw – who is hands down the very best pitcher of my generation – not showing up in the postseason? He’s in his prime now, and better than ever in my opinion. And he showed why he is one of the most feared athletes in baseball tonight with his performance.

Kike Hernandez (That’s Key-Kay, you guys, in case you are not familiar with his nickname) hit three home runs in this game, and the Dodgers absolutely destroyed the Cubs at the Friendly Confines, 11-1. The lone Cubs run was a homer from Kris Bryant.

So, as a Cubs fan, but also a fan of great baseball, where do I stand? Obviously, I have no ill will against the Dodgers. I like many of their players. Corey Seager is a lot of fun, Justin Turner aka JT The Red Panda is a scrappy dude that I’ve always enjoyed watching, Puig is your friend and mine and I might be the only person on this site who thinks this but I really like Chase Utley and I’m glad that a man with almost as much grey hair as Joe Maddon is still playing quality baseball. I’m happy for this team and their fanbase. There are many bandwagon fans in sports, but I have found that the Dodgers fans who are True Blue LA are exactly that. They are some of the most outspoken fans on Twitter (in a good way!) and they have a lot of energy. It will be fun to see that pent up energy after almost thirty years of not making it to the Big Show finally get released.

And, of course, it’s Prom Night for Clayton Kershaw. We will be witnesses, God willing. I want this man to get a World Series ring. Much like my beloved Maddux, a World Series ring will seal the deal of Kersh’s greatness and will shut everyone up forever.

The Astros and the Yankees still have games to play to decide who will meet the Dodgers there, but I am already excited about this matchup.

Friends, this will be fun.

15 thoughts on “Mascotless Team Clinches NLCS Victory; Heads to World Series

  1. The results of the NLCS have caused a bit of grumbling here in regards to the local nine, in a “How could we lose to such a sorry sack of shit team like the Cubs” sense. I’d like to think the Nats would’ve been more competitive against LA, but any team that puts up a 51-9 stretch during the season is a pretty good one, and that 1-16 stretch looks like the flukiest of fluky anomalies.

    In other news, seven days into their off-season, and no one has a contract to manage the Nats, so we’ll go with this one in honor of Dusty Baker:

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      1. Yeah, me too…

        It leads me to wonder just who they think they’re going to get to manage this team.

        On the one hand, prospects for success in 2018 look great, and the team should compete for years to come; on the other hand, no one has been able to stay in the job for three full seasons, and even back to back 95+ win seasons with NLDS losses were enough to keep Dusty in town.


      1. I was wondering how much money would come up with in a national collection to make him promise that he would not show up and we would never have to see his fat face again.
        (Gosh, that was hostile. I surprised myself)

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  2. Whelp, I am still pulling for the Astros but I also want to remind you all yet again that a Borg-Bums World Series is still one of the classic confrontations in all of sports. I don’t think we’ve had one since “Reggie! Reggie! Reggie!” and it’s waayyyyy overdue.

    As far as mascots, why not an Ewok? It’s Hollywood after all. (Then again, it occurs to me that it’d be kinda fun to release some gravid Burmese pythons on the Forest Moon of Endor).


    1. You lost me with the “classic” stuff, OG. I will point out that once on a time the Astros and Dodgers had a hot competition going. But the Astros find themselves in the fake baseball league. Angels are not the same.

      It’s pretty simple. I’m not sure Verlander is even in the equation tonight. The Astros either get their 896-run season mojo back early, or it is seriously over. Three days in Yankee Stadium and zero homeruns. I was stunned.

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    2. The biggest player payroll vs the second biggest player payroll, I don’t think so..Remember, we were both there, the late 70’s and 80’s sucked.

      Trickle down my ass.


      1. ’86 was my all-time favorite Astros team until this year. Maybe this team can get the won win against that NY team and move on up. I will gamble a jumbled, wrecked pitching order for a shot against the Dodgers.

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