Oops. Here’s a Post.

So, we suck. I fell asleep early last night and I’m pretty sure Scout is busy at work, so we left y’all hanging.

It was bound to happen. The Astros lost a game, 8-1, to the Yankees. Todd Frazier hit an improbable homer, and Charlie Morton didn’t pitch nearly as badly as his stats imply. CC Sabathia apparently tapped into a time machine or something.

So, in lieu of a recap, let’s prognosticate. What do you see for the next playoff game?

Scouts Edit:  Sorry folks I caught a nasty bug and basically just woke up a half hour ago. I’ll be back I. Force tomorrow hopefully. 

3 thoughts on “Oops. Here’s a Post.

    1. Or not. I really hope they bounce back and win the next 2. I really can’t stand for the Evil Empire to be representing the AL.

      On the upside, we picked apples last weekend. Today, I made applesauce and we ate it hot over ice cream from the university Ag Dept creamery:

      I chopped 2 extra large apples into big chunks (skins on) and put them in the crock pot with some water, lemon juice, brown sugar, allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg. I put it on low for the afternoon, stirring occasionally, and went back to work. It was ready for dessert by dinner.

      This weekend, I’m making apple crisp. And, if the Astros lose, I’ll be eating my sorrows. 😦

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  1. Per her insistence my daughters’ family will be hosting Thanksgiving day meal this year. I will bring to that meal a turkey gravy ready to saturate the likely overly cooked turkey with a lifetime of I love to cook for my family experience. My son’s newly founded family will be hosting the clan’s Christmas Eve get together. For that I will provide a one more time bucket list New England Clam Chowder.

    If this year’s world series consists of Yankees versus Dodgers, I will look forward to the New Year.

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