He Said, She Said – NLCS Game Two Highlights and Lowlights

Prof: It happens every few years, but now Craig Kimbrel and Zach Britton aren’t alone in wondering why the hell they were left out of an important inning in an important game. Move aside, fellas, here comes Wade Davis.



This was a tight game, full of excitement, and it went pretty deep all knotted up. I’ll let Scout fill y’all in on the rest, but all of my energy is bouncing off of the fact that with the game on the line, and the season in balance, Joe Maddon trots out JOHN “Child Eater” LACKEY in relief? John Lackey. A man whose 2017 season ERA is 4.59. A man whose 2017 postseason ERA is well over 10. A man who hasn’t pitched in relief in almost five years. This scary-ass man came in and walked a Dodger, then promptly gave up a knock to Justin Turner in a walk-off nightmare scenario that we all saw coming a mile away, if we’re honest. Now, I know that Brian Duensing got the loss because he was the one who initially put the winning runs on base, but Lackey is the one who put the dagger in it. There ought to be co-losers, and Lackey could get his rightful share. Ugh. I just… I just can’t, fam.

OK, Scouty, take it away.


Scouts: So, so um, some stuff happened.  There was one run scored by each team in the 5th inning, and outside of that, it was a pretty boring game (Unless you like 6 hit ballgames).  That is until the bottom of the 9th inning. Where this happened.



Yup, Justin Turner and that marvelous beard basically ended the series for everyone involved.  In case you haven’t heard, something similar happened once upon a time involving some guy named Gibsen or something.  I dunno.  That’s for old people to remember.  Anyways, Turner sent all Chicago fans right out on to that ledge.  Hey, I hear it’s windy up there!  Better watch your step.  I mean how the hell do you recover from that?  Everyone is going to now get on a plane to Chicago and relive that moment, over and over, and over again.  Does anyone think the Cubs have any shot at all at this point?

Joe Maddon was of course asked the question that was on everyone’s mind after the game.


Looks like Buck Showalter has another member of the club.  Come Joe, sit down, have a doughnut and some coffee.

I hear that Addison Russell hit a homer, but quite literally I cannot find it on MLB’s website.  Their page has turned into absolute shit in the post season, favoring bullshit player interviews over actual game highlights.  Also, the guy who cought the Turner home run was wearing a Utley the Buttley Jersey and that immediately makes me want to hate him.  Hard.

Anyways, today we’ll head back to New York and see if the SpankMe’s (That’s their offical new nickname) can right the ship with CC Sebathia on the bump.  I don’t know much about this Charlie Morton guy that Houston has, but MLB tells me he was born in New Jersey and went to High School in Connecticut.  So there’s that.

11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – NLCS Game Two Highlights and Lowlights

  1. But, wait a minute!! You are telling me that Maddon is not the iconoclastic hippie genius coach who Zens his way through every problem?
    That maybe he is just an average coach who gets good press, but screws up occasionally like every other coach?
    Awwwwww, Say it ain’t so.

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    1. I mean, he is good, and I’d take him over some of the past Cubs leadership, but man alive he makes some dumb moves at times.


  2. Charlie Morton. 6 ft 5 inch lowball pitcher who came up with Atlanta but spent seven years with the Pirates. Historically he has been a somewhat below average innings eater who could give you six but generally didn’t blow up TOO often.
    In the last couple of years at Philly and then Houston, he has upped his game to the point that CC Sabathia and he have rather similar lines for 2017.
    Fastball/ Sinker which – when he is on – give him a lot of strikeouts. When the fastball is up, he’s going downtown with you on a very fast ride. But you usually know if he’s bad very early in the game.
    I think he has been a legit #3 for Houston in 2017, which makes this a reasonable matchup tonight.

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  3. Justin Turner makes Jason Werth look Cro-Magnon, don’t he?.

    Speaking of which, who thinks the Indian head nickel is racist?


  4. We remember 2002 here in Los Angeles of Anaheim. Rookie Lackey v. The hated Giants. The Angels manager is still riding that well timed hot streak and has somehow kept his job. One of the coaches on that staff went on to greater things. He manages Chicago now.

    Sometimes even smart guys just go on feel.

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  5. And before I forget, I want to wish all my Indian friends a jolly Diwali. Let’s just try to remember not to kick over the dyas, okay?


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