13 thoughts on “NLCS Game Two Talk Amongst Yourselves Post

  1. seriously, though, when did Keith Olbermann become SUCH a crotchety stick in the mud? He’s out here attacking Puig, Craig, Ted Berg…. for absolutely no reason at all.


      1. I’ll touch on this in tomorrow’s post, but…. John Lackey has a postseason ERA of over 10. His season-long ERA is almost 4.50. He hasn’t pitched relief in almost five years. Again, I ask: WHY JOHN LACKEY!?!?!? What the everloving HELL is this thinking? Wade Davis is now in that special club with Kimbrel and Britton. I hate this.


  2. when the best team in baseball is the team with the highest payroll It means that that year meant nothing. may we all be hoping for something,


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