The Crazy Train is Actually the Washington Metro.

I’m giving Scout the day off and recapping the Cubs/Nationals Game Five Extravaganza. It’s 12:55 am EST, I’m exhausted and emotional, so this might bounce around a lot.

CubsThis was a game that put viewers on a roller coaster of emotions from inning one. We have the Nats, at home and desperate for a division playoff series win. We have the Cubs, who even though they are defending World Series champions, are also champions at choking in huge playoff games. Who is going to choke more, we asked ourselves?

The answer – can you say both? Because it was a little bit of both.

Kyle Hendricks, who was so excellent just a few nights ago, looked like the Aldi’s brand of Kyle Hendricks instead. It was awful. For a minute, it looked like it was going to be the Nats’ night. But then momentum absolutely reversed course.

Let’s talk about the two eyed elephant in the room – yes, that was Max Scherzer who came in for relief and subsequently crapped the bed. Like I told a friend of mine, he forgot how to Scherz. But then again, the Cubs were up by a good amount and suddenly decided to forget how to field. I mean, this was pure insanity in every way.


After that, it was just all sorts of crazy things that made no sense, that made fans of both teams pop Tums and curse loudly.

The Nationals had their own “Infield Fly Rule Game” moment, with Jose Lobaton being called out on an overturned call. Now, I thought he was out, too, but that’s (pardon me) a shitty way to get called out.

I mean, there was awful play, messy play, all over this game. Matt Weiters was like a dying dog out there. Each team trotted out almost every pitcher who still had an arm attached. This was just amazing.

bharp natitudeIt all ended up with Bryce Harper as the last batter on the last out, bottom of the ninth. Their golden boy could not connect off a clearly gassed, but warrior hearted Wade Davis, and the Cubs gut out a victory. Once again, a team that is clearly better than probably 3/4 of the league in every way does not make it to the championship division. If I wasn’t a bitter, heartless woman whose favorite team’s most hated rival are the Nats, I’d feel sorry for them.

An impossibly long nine inning game and I have the ulcer to show for it.

Cubs 9, Nationals 8

Onto Los Angeles.


11 thoughts on “The Crazy Train is Actually the Washington Metro.

    1. Let me offer you some vicarious joy. My daughter in law’s family is sort of bi polar in that they are avid fans of both the white sox and cubs. I texted her to congratulate her on the cubs first run and learned that she wasn’t watching as she was deferring to the wish of her 16 year old daughter whose favorite show was on. I texted my granddaughter saying in effect ‘how about letting mom watch her cubs’. She didn’t reply but I learned that the family’s tv channel did wind up being changed to the game when my son texted me about one of its developments.

      There is much left to root for. The cubs must prevail against the evil dodgers and the astros must end the plague of the borg.

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      1. Astros/Cubs would be my prime matchup. Either way, I’d be pretty happy at the outcome. And it would be sweet to see Bags and Biggio in the stands every night because YOU KNOW they’d be there.


  1. After what was one of the weirdest innings I’ve ever seen, the Nats were down 8-4, and the stadium sounded like a mausoleum, but the fans must’ve forgotten that the Nats still had 15 outs to burn before they were done. I’m proud to be a fan of a team that could’ve packed it in at that point, but instead battled, and had the tying or go-ahead run at the plate in the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th. Yeah, they failed to get over the hump, but very good or excellent teams lose series in October every single year; that’s just baseball. I mean, we had three teams win more than 100 games this year, and at best, only one of them will win the World Series.

    I know that I’m going against conventional thinking here (especially after watching my Twitter timeline for a while last night), but, just like last year, I don’t think there’s any one person or decision to “blame” here for the Nats losing yet another gut-wrenching NLDS Game 5. It’s too easy to point at one guy’s failure to perform, or to question a managerial decision, and say “It’s his fault”, but that’s just not the way sports work.

    I know lots can happen over the winter and during the season next year, but sitting here right now, on October 13, 2017, it’s better than even money that the Nats will win the NL East again next year. Jayson Werth will be gone, replaced by Adam Eaton, and Brandon Kintzler is likely to be gone, and Matt Wieters is likely to be back (he’s got a player option), but not much else will needs to change with this roster for them to contend again, so I’m going to sit back and enjoy watching them play again next year, and for years after that.

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    1. That was the weirdest game I’ve seen in a long time. Blown calls and odd replay challenges, and Max becoming Minimum… cold bats and Werth being Captain Caveman out there, lucky catches from JHey, Maddon bringing Q out (!?!?!)… I mean. It was nuts. Both teams did wild stuff. Just didn’t shake out for y’all. And honestly it’s this stuff that makes baseball great.


      1. “Max becoming Minimum”

        The three outs he got in that inning were Bryant (twice!) and Rizzo. After he got two quick outs, I said to my daughter that if he could get out of the inning in 10 pitches or so, he might go two innings. I even initially thought when Castillo hit that ground ball to Turner that the inning was over, but it wasn’t to be.

        From now on, all my passwords will be IBBKPBE-2CIHBP to memorialize the four batter sequence after Russell’s double.

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        1. When I saw Max going out there, I thought, well poop. It’s all over now. Then THAT happened.


        2. Max told Dusty on Wednesday that he could give him an inning in Game 4, so I think they were hoping for two innings at most out of him last night, and he was definitely cutting loose on Bryant and Rizzo like he didn’t plan on pitching very long.

          I was wishcasting before the game, hoping that Gio and Roark could somehow string together six innings, then turn it over to Albers, Kintzler, and Doolittle (I didn’t think Madson would be effective after throwing 27 pitches on Wednesday). Do that while winning, and you’ve got Max for games 1 and 5 and Strasburg for 3 and 7 in the NLCS, with game 2 maybe being sort of a bullpen game started by Gio or Roark, whoever threw less last night. Alas, it was not to be.


  2. Having watched Matt Wieters since his rookie season, I have to say I’m shocked he was once considered the best defensive catcher in the league. Holy crap he has really fallen off a cliff the past few years. He looked absolutely lost at both the plate and behind the dish. Such a shame to see such potential lost in him.

    I didn’t’ get to watch the end of the game as it ended well past my bedtime. Any word on if they shut down the trains at midnight or let it roll for a while?


    1. Wieters was absolute dogshit offensively and defensively for at least the last two months of the season, but the good news is that he’s got a player option for next year, which I’m guessing he’ll exercise, so he can continue to be a useless void in an otherwise good lineup.

      As for the trains, this happened during the game:

      That was an extension of the original extension, but the game ended so late that I think a lot fans still got stranded.

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