He Said, She Said – Recaps For 10/11/17

Scouts: I won’t be performing any freestyle rap battles here today, all I got for you is some good ole’ fashioned baseball news.


Washington 5, Chicago 0Scouts:  As Prof mentioned earlier, Steven Strasburg overcame his hang-over, err. I mean “flu-like symptoms” allowing just three hits and working 12 strikeouts over 7 innings.  Jake the Snake was good, but not good enough allowing a single run over 4, only to give way to Jon Lester who allowed one over 3.2.  That’s when the wheels really came off for the Cubs when Carl Edwards Jr. was tagged for two and Wade Davis for one, all part of a 8th inning Grand Slam by Michael Taylor.  Now we get to head back to Washington for the series finale.  Who will start for the Nats? Nobody knows!


Indians 2, Yankees 2Scouts: Didi Gregorius and C.C. Sebathia put the team on their backs and delivered a stunning, knock out blow to the Indians.  Gregorius hit homers in the first and third inning off Corey Kluber who absolutely shit the bed, who gave up three runs in as many innings in the biggest game of his life.  All Sebathia did was strike out 9 over 4.1 strong innings before running into trouble in the 5th.  The Yankees strong bullpen took over from there and it was lights out for the land of Cleve.  Drew Carey is very disappointed this morning.

21 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 10/11/17

    1. Naaahhh. “Tragic” implies there’s something interessin’ about the place. But I was wondering as I contemplated northern Ohio’s answer to the trail of tears: do their tears catch fire and explode too?


  1. Okay, Yankees it is vs. Astros. This is the matchup i had hoped for in the ALDS, but likely a reminder that we should be careful what we wish for. I think the Astros are superior in personnel, but I see the Yankees as a very dangerous team if you don’t score early.

    It’s probably not nice, but I will be hoping for Aaron Judge to continue is record-breaking streak (most K’s) through the ALCS.

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  2. Kabletown, my service provider for voice, data, and video, has been having a bad week.

    Last Friday, at approximately 5PM ET, they had a service outage. Since I work from home, this wasn’t ideal, but I wrote it off as their way of telling me to start the weekend.

    Last night, just as Joe Maddon emerged from the dugout to replace Carl Edwards with Wade Davis, with the bases loaded, Michael A. Taylor up, and the count 1-0, Kabletown again experienced a service outage, one that lasted an hour or so, meaning that I DIDN’T GET TO SEE THE GRAND SLAM OR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENED AFTER IT.

    I did get to hear it on the slightly delayed satellite radio feed, though, so didn’t miss a pitch, but fuck you, Kabletown.

    Tonight is, to the day, the fifth anniversary of Game 5 of the 2012 NLDS, known as The Great Storen Meltdown The First. Just like that game, the Nats won Game 4 the night before, with help from a home run (although not a walk-off like in 2012). Just like that game, Gio Gonzalez is starting tonight (at least I expect him to). Here’s hoping for a more favorable outcome tonight.

    Whatever happens on the field tonight, the lack of available public transportation may cause some number of fans to leave earlier than they otherwise would. Metro shuts down at essentially 11PM on weeknights, unless someone pays them to stay open late, and MLB doesn’t want its teams to do that, so there’s a chance that there may be an exodus in the 6th or 7th. I just hope I have reliable video service for the whole game.


    1. No predictions for tonight, but my ideal situation would be a Nats win, obviously, with Gio and Roark stitching together six innings (or more), followed by Albers, Kintzler, and Doolittle. I expect Madson to be “available” in a theoretical sense tonight, but after throwing 27 pitches last night, I don’t expect him to be used unless the Nats are desperate. Same for Scherzer.

      Now, if the above works out, then the Nats can line up Scherzer for Games 1 and 5 in the NLCS, and Strasburg for Games 3 and 7, and I’ll take my chances with that.


        1. Then MLB and the team should have considered this before they A took public funds to build their stadiums, and B schedule games that end at unreasonable times in order to cater to billion dollar television companies.

          To expect the taxpayers to continue to pay the bills for situations that the MLB is both creating and profiting off of is….Well, shit I guess it’s just a typical day in sports in America.

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        2. To be clear, I’m not defending MLB or the Nats here; I did see at least one person on Twitter put forth the idea that MLB and TBS should split the cost, since they’re the ones doing the scheduling (Nats home games usually start at 7:05PM, not 8:08PM like tonight’s festivities).

          On the other hand, it’s embarrassing on its face that our nation’s capital, a city that aspires to be world class, has let its subway system decay to the point that it needs to shut down early every night just to do long-neglected maintenance so that people can safely ride it.

          If the Nats win tonight, they’ll host games 3, 4, and 5 of the NLCS next Tuesday through Thursday. ALCS games 4 and 5 will be scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday in New York, so we might only have to do this dance once in the next round.

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