Ferris Strasburg’s Day Off

As SomeGuy and I discussed on Twitter, the Cubs/Nationals game has been probably one of the oddest sporting events of recent memory. To recap quickly – Stephen Strasburg had flu-like symptoms. Or did he? Dusty Baker declared that Chicago hotel rooms had mold in them. Or do they? Stras was gonna be scratched for Tanner Roarke. OR WAS HE?

In this morning’s post, I declared that Stras needed to have a Jordan Game Six moment. I’m glad that he reads this blog because that is, indeed, what happened.

The Nats ace battled whatever it was that was making him ill to come out victoriously on top – seven innings pitched, with 12 strikeouts and only three hits in a shutout performance. Unbelievably, this is Strasburg’s first playoff victory, and it was one for the ages.

If we had just left it at Strasburg’s big night, that alone would be enough. But no, friends, there were some other crazy things that happened at the Friendly Confines. Wade Davis coughed up a grand slam to Michael A. Taylor, his first one since Lyle Overbay (!?!?) and second grand slam ever in his career. So, that’s crazy. But even that! Even THAT isn’t the most unbelievable thing that happened in the Cubs/Nats game.

Friends, we are living in the end times.

Jon Lester, appearing in relief, threw to first.


Your eyes do not lie:

As SomeGuy said, that was probably the TOOTBLANNIEST TOOTBLAN of all time. I mean, what is this? I have literally never seen this before, have you? Do any of you remember Lester actually throwing to first and his ball not being stuck in his glove? LOL I don’t.

Anyway, this was clearly all Nats, and they will be returning to DC for Game Five while the Dodgers are biding their time, sharpening their claws for whatever team comes their way. Either day, this will be fun.


5 thoughts on “Ferris Strasburg’s Day Off

  1. If the Astros win it all I will be happy for Stex. If the Nats win it all I will be happy for someguy. If the Indians will it all for the first time since 1948 I will be happy for all in the magic land of Clev. If the Cubs win it all you will probably see a tear stained post from me about a certain Cubs fan who has stood by my son with all her heart and soul in spite of the excruciating pain inflicted on her by his mental illness.

    Ain’t baseball flexible.

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    1. Well said, twinsfan. Baseball retains its distinction that fans in entirely different regalia can sit peaceably next to each other through a close game and even enjoy it together (except for possibly LA/SF. but it’s a different world out there.)

      I like that about baseball. Of course you have your rooting interest, and it can get intense. But in the end most of us just love a good, well-played game.

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      1. I’d say Cubs/Cards and Yanks/Sox but even that is just mostly trash talk.

        Baseball unites more than divides. I mean, look at all of us. â˜ș


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