He Said, She Said – Super Mega Ultra Playoff Recaps for 10/9/17

Prof: Whew! So many games!


Astros 5, Red Sox 4Prof: We have our first Championship contender, everybody. The Astros are on their way, with a sweep of the Red Sox. It wasn’t easy, and my goodness, this last game was incredible. Both teams pulled out all the stops, including bringing out Justin Verlander and Chris Sale in relief! In fact, the craziness was that Verlander, in relief, got the win and Chris Sale, who could possibly win this year’s Cy Young, has two losses in the postseason. During this game, Boston was able to keep Jose Altuve in check, but the rest of his team rose to the challenge, including Alex Bregman, whose two run homer off Chris Sale in the eighth turned the tide. For the first time since realignment, Houston makes their way to a championship series.


Nationals 1, Cubs 2Prof: Over in the NLDS, it was also another tight, hard fought campaign. Max Scherzer and Jose Quintana were pretty on fire. Q went about five innings, and Mad Max was pulled after six. Then all heck broke loose. Baby Babe Ruth had two errors!


Indians 3, Yankees 7Scouts: After getting smacked around pretty good in game 1, Luis Severino returned to form with a 9 strike out performance, giving up three runs on four hits to the land of Cleve and setting the Yankees up for a winnner take all finale tomorrow night.  Aaron Judge make me look a fool, smacking a double just as I was telling a friend “Ohh, Judge is not having a great post-season, he’s what 0-9 with 7 strikeouts.”  Of course he did.  Gary Sanchez also homered for the Yanks.  It’s all going to come down to Sabathia v Kluber tomorrow night.  Who’s pumped?


D-Backs 1, Dodgers 3Scouts: Looks like the late season move to acquire Yu Darvish paid off for the Dodgers as he out pitched mega contract Zack Greinke over 5 innings apiece.  Greinkee gave up 3 runs on 4 hits including a pair of homers to COdy Bellinger and Austin Barnes, while Darvish gave up just a solo shot to Daniel Descalso.  The Dodgers will now relax in their homes while they see if the Cubs will be returning to the NCLS or of the Nats can avoid another post-season letdown.

9 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Super Mega Ultra Playoff Recaps for 10/9/17

  1. ZG stayed in too long. But I honestly don’t blame Lovullo, I would have left him in, too. The Snakes were good, but the Dodgers are better. Big ups to the underdogs for making it this far.


  2. I’ve heard tell of parlor games where the object is to guess at the identity of something or a story’s final outcome based only on being given a handful of (potentially misleading) clues.

    Were I to have been presented the following three clues prior to the Nats/Cubs series:

    Strasburg, in his start, will go 7 innings and yield zero earned runs
    The Nats will win the game started by Gio
    Scherzer, in his start, will go 6.1 innings and yield one earned run

    I’d have bet the house on a Nats sweep, and I’d be homeless right now.

    People want to blame Dusty, for pulling Max when he did (it was the right call), for bringing in Solis in the 7th, and for pitching to Rizzo[^1] in the 8th. My belief is that for all we hear about playoff baseball being different, and that you have to manage differently, this was a case where Dusty should’ve gone by the book, and had Kintzler be the guy to replace Scherzer (maybe even starting the 7th[^2]), with Madson and Doolittle to follow in the 8th and 9th.

    If the Nats don’t advance to face the Dodgers, we Nats fans may spend all winter arguing about the decisions Dusty made yesterday, but the fact is that the Nats aren’t yet hitting, and they can’t expect to win many games with a collective team BA of .121, even if they’re holding the other guys to .180 (or whatever the Cubs are hitting right now).

    [^1] Rizzo was positively Ozymandian with his “Respect me. You respect me.” outburst in game and his “I was thinking they wouldn’t pitch to me.” post-game about his bloop single. Look on his works, ye mighty, and despair, indeed.

    [^2] Think Dusty had a tough decision to make regarding pulling Scherzer after he gave up a hit? Scherzer batted in the top of the 7th with two outs, just after Michael A. Taylor had been robbed of a hit by Addison Russell. Imagine all the talk today about whether Dusty should’ve or did pinch hit for Scherzer in that situation, after Max had failed on a bunt earlier in the game, but still had a no-hitter working.


  3. And the Yankees are the only team that has to win four games to get to the Championship series, courtesy of an unnamed coach who will be a long time living this one down.

    I have a mental picture of the ALCS which closely resembles the 2003 NCAA World Series, the only National Championship owned by my alma mater, Rice University. Stanford and CS Fullerton beat each other’s lovin’ brains out for three games, including an extra innings bracket final. Stanford emerged out of the Loser’s bracket, bloodied but victorious, only to face and Owls team that had been loitering around the Omaha bus station (I mean, really, what else would you do in Omaha?) waiting. By game 3 of the finals, Stanford had no one left who could get a ball over the plate, and a light-hitting Rice team beat them 14-2. That was a fun week for the tiny contingent that is everyone who ever graduated from Rice.

    So go to it, Yankees! Go to it Indians! Throw in every pitcher! Go to multiple extra innings! I have no particular dog in this fight, except that if the Yankees win Houston gets to be the home team. I honestly thought that Cleveland was going to dominate, but that’s baseball.

    Fanboy says eight wins to go! (Eight wins and a lot of tough teams)

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    1. JV put a celebratory pic on Twitter and almost every response was a Tigers fan wishing him well and that it could’ve been for Detroit. Sad.

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      1. I have the feeling Houston will make him feel at home. It’s not a particularly good sports town (I say that advisedly, it’s not the worst thing in the world to have other interests) but they are generally extremely appreciative of success and they don’t turn hostile on players very often.


  4. Word on the street is Indians / Yankees game 5 will be shown with alternate home team broadcasts on the NatGeo Channel as Indigenous Peoples vs Invading Eurotrash and the SciFi Channel as The Klubot vs The Borg.

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  5. I love, love, love listening to AJ working a game. I’ve loved the discussion about how to classify a slider/curve, coaching visits to the mound, pitch-calling vs. bad pitches — and ESPECIALLY his advice to Girardi about dealing with bad press (LMAO). He’s so much better than Darling, Buck, and the others on games. Also, AJ>A-Rod>lint>Ortiz.

    And, for the record, prof, you are wrong about the best debut album of all time. That remains Roberta Flack’s First Take. I don’t even think First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is the best song on there, and that’s saying something.


    1. AJ is a lot of fun in the booth. A pleasant surprise!

      As a longtime card carrying Cool Britannia weirdo I reserve the right to say that Definitely Maybe is an amazing album and that it was Oasis’ debut makes it even more incredible. 😂😜


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