He Said, She Said – ALDS Playoff Edition for 10/8/17

Prof: I don’t know what Scout will want to add to this, but I have thoughts about both games, so let’s get started. Only two games last night, and Monday (today) will be an exciting slate of contests! I’m excited about it.


First game of the day was Astros vs Red Sox. It started out great for Houston. They scored three runs in the first inning, including a Carlos Correa homer! But they lost steam immediately afterwards; allowing the the Red Sox to take charge and never look back. The Red Sox went crazy, pour on the runs in the third and seventh innings, including a three run homer from Jackie Bradley Jr. that made viewers at home recreate that famous scene from “The Simpsons”, where the kid is crying and says “Stop! Stop! He’s already dead!”


Scouts: I am mostly just shocked that David Price has suddenly become the highest paid relief pitcher in baseball.  I don’t really understand the strategy here, but it bought the Red Sox a win and another game, so I guess if they can figure out who to put on the mound the next few days it’s ok.


And then, there was the Magical Land of Cleve against the Yankees. /Stefon voice/ This game had everything. Shutouts going into the seventh inning, home runs that made the difference, robbery by Aaron Judge, Zack Hample getting denied, a brave almost comeback thwarted by Aroldis Chapman.


It’s a weird thing to see Andrew Miller with an L next to his name, but that’s the kind of world we’re living in these days. A world where Boston’s Joe Kelly is pitching like an ace but the guy on his team who actually won the Cy Young last year is straight garbage. A world where Cleveland is doing anything and everything to get some momentum, including bringing Jason Kipnis (!?!?) into center field. But Miller is only human, and he gave up the home run to Greg Bird that was the only run needed to win in this contest.

Scouts: Who the fuck is Greg Bird?  Also, I mean the Aaron Judge catch was nice and all, but people were over-reacting a bit I think.

10 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – ALDS Playoff Edition for 10/8/17

  1. Sorry Fam, I know this is a baseball site and it’s playoff time and all, but I just need to leave this here in case my friend Happy drops by today.

    September 22, 2017 at 7:06 pm
    Don’t worry about it Prof. At this point I think Spartan’s interest in the remaining games is academic. Besides as a fellow Michigander in heart I know his biggest concern is that U OF M RULES!!!

    In case you don’t follow college football, final score from Saturday night in Ann Arbor Michigan State 14 Michigan 10. Go Green! Have a great day everyone.

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        1. That’s okay, I understand how you feel. Recent years not withstanding being pounded on for decades (69-36-5) can have that effect.


        2. Here’s where I emerge victorious from the shadows wearing my red and white Bucky shirt. Mhahaha.


  2. Speaking of football trollin’, that Dolfeens line coach who allowed himself to be videoed snorting powder is so stupid he belongs in Donald Trump’s cabinet.

    In related news, Vice President Mike Tuppence stormed out of the Colts-49ers game when several players knealt during the playing of the National Musical Trainwreck, fuming “A football game is no place for prayers!” Later, an aide to Tuppence admitted that the episode had been planned in advance as a publicity stunt. Unbeknownst to Tuppence the game had also been planned in advance and continued without him.


    Staunch gun control opponent Rep. John Scalise, R (for “rabble”), after being shot down by your basic crank exercising his sacred Second Amendment rights, says he is still firmly opposed to more gun control legislation. Obviously, he’s going to need to be shot a few more times before he gets the message. Reslugnicans are just that dense.

    No news out of Morongate this morning, so I now return you to your regularly scheduled sports blog.


    1. NFL ticket sales and TV viewer ship has declined significantly since the national anthem thing started, presumably costing his fellow oligarchs millions of dollars. It was starting to fade when Trump apparently decided to keep it going for at least another week by whistling for his pet pence to leave the Colts game.

      What might be a foot? Is Trump demanding a bribe? Is this merely just the latest whim of our boy president? Both? Either way isn’t it fun to watch the oligarchs fight.


      1. The King of Fake News is creating it for us to swallow so that we might ignore the whole leading us into war with various countries, making us a laughing stock among our allies, stripping rights away from women and LBGTQ+ folk, and calling Nazis “fine people”.

        That’s what’s up.


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