Special Playoff Weekend Afternoon Edition of The Midnight Snack

In lieu of a proper co-branded recap from myself and Scout, I’m just doing it all by myself. I would also like to shoutout the OG of OGs, Old Gator himself, for his contributions these last few days. It was unexpected, and very welcomed.

Anyway, let’s get this fail bus in gear and talk about the National League games that happened on Saturday.

CubsFirst, let’s talk about a shocking turn of events, one that I’m sure our friend SomeGuy welcomes and I, for one, am horrified about. /takes off Cubs hat/ Oops, I forgot, I have to be somewhat impartial. Game Two of the NLDS featured Chicago going up against Washington. The Nats had a run in the first inning, then it went all blue pinstripes. Bryzzo happened (by that, I mean Anthony Rizzo hit a homer and brought home Kris Bryant), and the Cubs were up 3-1…until the eighth inning. Along the way, Jon Lester flirted with disaster several times and reminded me over and over again why I can’t stand him in high pressure situations even though he nearly always gets out of the jam. It’s just that I can feel my anxiety building to nearly unmanageable levels when I watch him pitch. Anyway, it looked to be a sweep at Nats Park and one measly home game at the Friendly Confines, until suddenly the Washington bats woke up from their slumber.

And boy, did they ever.

A stud by any name.

In the eighth inning, suddenly no ball was safe. A man on base, then Royce Harpler up to bat. He hadn’t accomplished diddly in the previous game or the previous seven innings, but he picked a fine time to remember that he’s Bryce Harper. A home run brought home two runs and suddenly the Nats knotted it up. A few men on base later, Ryan Zimmerman decided to do one better and hit his own dinger, bringing home three, and suddenly the Cubs were stuck in a moment….and they couldn’t get out of it, as that old U2 song would say. Sean Doolittle got the save, and now the defending World Series champs and a team that has never won a playoff series are tied up and headed to Wrigley for two games. Max Scherzer hasn’t even taken the mound yet for the Curly Dubs.

God, I might get an ulcer from this shiz.

Now, let’s get to a more lopsided game, the erstwhile NL West Championship series aka the OTHER NLDS matchup between the Dodgers and the Gritty Snakes.

Diamondbacks Spring Baseball
America’s First Baseman? He doesn’t look a thing like Freddie Freeman or Anthony Rizzo!

It started out well for Arizona, with a proper moon shot by Paul Goldschmidt (who the Dbacks insist on calling America’s First Baseman but I beg to differ), bringing in AJ Pollock (who always looks like that guy at a 24 hour Walgreens at, like, 1:00 am who is having a come down, arms full of Little Debbie snacks and bags of chips). Then it all went straight to hell.

Do y’all remember when people were saying that Yasiel Puig wasn’t taking things seriously and that he wasn’t a good fit on the Dodgers? Ha. Puig Your Friend has been pretty darn awesome lately. He went 3-4 and drove in two.

The Dodgers aren’t winning because they are out here launching bombs, they are winning because they are capitalizing on little Arizona mistakes. Mistakes like a wild Robbie Ray pitch, and an error from Ketel Marte. It’s a single here, a double there. It’s little things that win a ball game, not a barrage of home runs and the second coming of Sandy Koufax every night. Dave Roberts and his crew know this. When next these two teams meet, it will be a battle of RHPs wearing #21. Yu Darvish and Zack Greinke. Greinke pitches well at Dodgers Stadium, so this will be fun.

11 thoughts on “Special Playoff Weekend Afternoon Edition of The Midnight Snack

  1. Yer welcome prof. ‘Twas fun.
    I’m back home and brain dead. I love Frankfurt and kinda miss it but right now I just need 10mg of melatonin and a profound night’s sleep. Tomorrow is clear the desk day. I’ll be back in observational form by Tuesday.

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  2. @prof, I have wished throughout this season that you or @scout would throw up a .’weekend waterhole’, ‘let’s just talk’ or whatever titilled thread on Friday or Saturday in which those of us who desire to (need to) might gather and talk about the events of Friday night, Saturday, and during the say Sunday. You wouldn’t be expected to spend any more time or energy than you desire on it, but just something that a 24 – 7 Fam could use.

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    1. I often think about doing it and then fall asleep and forget, and then by that time it’s like 11:45 on a Saturday night lol.

      I’ll try to remember to schedule weekend “free for all” posts. Now that I am not in such a depression-fueled haze and can actually function for several hours a day as opposed to lying in bed like a broken rag doll, I think I can accomplish it.

      Thank you for staying with us, Happy. ❤


      1. There have been many nights where I didn’t care if I woke up the next morning or not, many days when I was a broken rag doll, I ain’t going no where. I need all of you as much as you need me.

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  3. A friend of mine accused me of #rallytrolling on Twitter Saturday night:

    (Ovie had just recorded a hat trick in the first period, his second in as many games.)

    It worked, I guess…


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