He’ll Say, She’ll Say: If Joe Girardi Was Working for his Bosses’ Father, He’d Be Looking for a Job this Morning.

Good evening. Those are the headlines. Now the rumors behind the news.

Okay, I promise this is the last time I do the site bosses’ work for them because this time tomorrow I’ll be out over the north Atlantic somewhere trying to beat the next hurricane and its attendant atmospheric brouhahahaha back to Macondo. I have enjoyed being six hours ahead of these early phase playorf games and helping Scouts and Prof out, so once again I’ll set up the thread and mention Joe Girardi’s priapism (“boner” hardly seems adequate for how badly he screwed this one up) in last night’s game, which I didn’t watch because (1) I was trying to get a good night’s sleep so I could wake up early and put the finishing touches on the paper I have to deliver today and (2) because anything with Cleveland in it is so boring.

Mainly, the Feesh’s ex-skipper failed to challenge Lonnie Chisenhall’s HPB call in the seexth inning (Chisenhall came around to score) and then lifted C. C. Sabbathia, who was cruising, for no apparent reason except, maybe, that he was saving him for the orfseason and then the Borg boolpen got sheschmettered. If you’re a Borg fan, you have to be satisfied with knowing that Big Joe managed to make a game featuring Cleveland marginally interesting.

Now imagine the fate of Girardi if Steinbrenner the Elder were still running things:

In other news, the Gnats did their post-season imploding act versus the Cubs. Maybe they wasted a fine performance from Stephen Strasburg but in all fairness they did erupt for two hits somewhere during the game (I can’t find them in the box score – German numerals always looked like Sanskrit to me) on the way to a 3-0 loss (I think that’s what it says). The Dodgers scotched the Snakes but haven’t killed them yet (it’s never too early for Shakespeare) 9-5, and the Astros pounded the Beanbags again, 8-2. A shout out to my buddy S-Tex who must be drooling by now at the prospects of a World Series at Enron Field.

I leave the details and filigreeing to Scouts and the aging Prof. Have at it. Meanwhile I’ll be watching out for more delicious revelations from Morongate.


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