He Said, She Said 10/6/17 Edition: Cleveland Beats Borg 4-0 by Boring their Bats; Astros Skwash Beanbags 8-2.

Prof and Scouts are asleep, as they well should be, but here in der Vaterland six hours ahead of you guys I’ve had breakfast (muesli, fruit and yogurt, gut black bread,  smoked trout with dill sauce and more really rich German coffe), taken my vitamins, taken a brisk walk across campus and settled back in my room to put the finishing touches on tomorrow’s presentation. So, I thought I’d set up this morning’s HS/SS thread and spare them the trouble, so they could get right to their analysis of the game.

In the only Division Series game of interest last night, the recently commodified Justin Verlander and the Astros put a hurtin’ on Sale and the Beanbags, 8-2. Jose Altuve had a three dinger night.


In the other game, the Borg sleepwalked through a 4-0 loss to the Wahoos. To be fair, I didn’t watch any of it myself. I did so much walking yesterday that by eleven o’clock Mainz time I was tired enough to fall asleep even without watching a ballgame with Cleveland in it, which I consider the most effective tranquilizer you can buy with a cable subscription: trypanosome-free sleeping sickness. To be fair yet again, I was also pretty worn out from laughing my nates loose at the unfolding Morongate scandal in Washington.  I just  checked the score this morning and put it up, along with probable cause, where our fearless leaders can continue the narrative. I’ll take a pass. I need to stay awake and finish writing my talk.


Have at it, guys.

15 thoughts on “He Said, She Said 10/6/17 Edition: Cleveland Beats Borg 4-0 by Boring their Bats; Astros Skwash Beanbags 8-2.

  1. Thanks for the assist Gator! As many around here may know, I don’t have much love for Sale. I think he’s one of the biggest assholes left in baseball. It was quite pleasurable to watch him get absolutely rocked last night. Houston and Cleveland are really, really fun teams to watch and I would love to see them square off. Both places were rocking last night.

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  2. By the way, MLB’s blackout rules are horseshit. I can’t believe I had to use a VPN to mask my location to Australia and then the UK to watch the game because the fucking playoffs are blacked out across all of the continental United States. Hey assholes, I paid good money for the streaming package, maybe let your goddamn customers actually watch your product?

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  3. I didn’t watch any baseball yesterday. Instead, I watched a hockey game as a sort of palate cleanser to get ready for tonight and tomorrow. I do hope this fact doesn’t get my posting privileges revoked here.

    The biggest news out of DC is that it looks like Mad Max, His Heterochrominess Himself, will be held out till game 3, as his hamstring isn’t quite 100%. There are some rumblings that he thought himself ready for Game 1, and perhaps a more desperate Nats team would’ve run him out there, but with Strasburg set for Game 1, and Gio starting at home in Game 2 instead of on the road in Game 3, I’m okay with the decision.

    They’re not likely to carry a long reliever, so I assume they’re thinking that there’s almost no chance he’ll aggravate it again, and the only real downside is that there’s no chance now of Strasburg in Game 4 on short rest and Scherzer in Game 5 on full rest, so Roark will likely draw Game 4 if it goes that far.

    The Cubs had a great second half, and while the Nats appeared to sleepwalk through the season, they still won 97 games, which ain’t shabby. It ought to be a great series, so let’s get strapped in and get going.

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    1. Nope. Yesterday was my birthday, I am officially hella old, and my young whippersnapper pal came by to take me to dinner and tell me I’m not even middle aged yet. What a sweet boy. So I was even less plugged into the games last night. Didn’t see a single second of anything, really.


        1. I’m glad to see his MVP caliber ways followed him into the playoffs. Orbit must be so proud.


  4. BIG UPS TO OG! Thank you so much, I appreciate the extra night off. Made mych sweeter because it was my birthday, and while I rarely celebrate a friend of mine wanted to stop by and hang out. I hadn’t seen him in months, so this was exciting! We caught up, he told me about his impending grad school career, and then took me to dinner. Also, told me I wasn’t even middle aged yet, and very pretty. So it was a nice evening all the way around lol.

    Thanks again, Gator.


  5. Okay. This will be a fanboy site for approximately 30 seconds.

    WOOOOOO! Go ‘Stro’s! Only ten more wins to go!

    Okay, it’s out of my system, just in case I run into grim reality a little further down the road.

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  6. Full NLDS schedule released. If both NLDSen go five games, then there won’t be any subway issues in DC, since start time next Thursday will be 5:30PM here.

    Of course, if they’re the only game that night, then there will be mass exodus well before closing time.

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