He Said, She Said – NLDS Wild Card Edition

Hey fam. I fell asleep in the middle of the night and missed a lot of the action on Twitter (because I don’t have any of the channels that actually show baseball games – Twitter and the radio is where I get all of my baseball stuff). It’s midnight and I haven’t eaten since noon, so forgive me if I’m wacky right now.


In case you live under a rock, the NL Wild Card featured two NL West underdogs – the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. Astute readers of this blog know that I have been high on both teams for most of the season – the Rox and the Gritty Snakes have been revelations this year, and both have a lot of guts to go along with excellent role players and underrated stars like Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt. (And contrary to Old Gator’s belief, I am not anti-purple dino, but I’m just stating an unalienable fact that Dinger is a boring mascot.)


My beloved weirdo Zack Greinke started for the Snakes, while Jon Gray got the nod for Colorado. It started out wild, and kept getting wilder. While I was asleep, Ketel “50 Boogie Down Hits by the Original Artists” Marte did his thing.



I basically woke up in time to see that Archie Bradley, a relief pitcher, hit a triple, then immediately gave up back to back homers. Yes, a triple. Everyone hit triples in this game. You get a triple, and you get a triple!

oprah you get a car

For a little bit, it seemed that no one wanted to win this game, or conversely, that they wanted to win way too much. But then Arizona, by way of AJ Pollock, put the dagger into the heart of Dinger.

FINAL SCORE – Rockies 8, Diamondbacks 11

Arizona will face the Los Angeles Dodgers next. Discuss what I missed in the comments!

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – NLDS Wild Card Edition

  1. Damn, that game was fun to watch, although I’m guessing that neutral observers such as myself enjoyed it more than did fans of either team.

    The two wild card games have been exercises in Brian Kenny’s #bullpenning theory, although more out of necessity than actual plan. It’s an intriguing idea, one that might work for a few staffs today, but one that would require much in the way of adjustment to most staffs’ construction and to the way baseball people and fans think about the game. It also brings with it a sense of urgency, like you’re not only trying to win every game, but that it’s crucial to do so, which baseball isn’t really suited for. Something to chew on during the offseason, I guess.

    As for young Mr. Marte, if he becomes a star, there’s an obvious product name tie-in for him, though he have to change his number from four to one to really make it perfect.


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    1. Brandsmarte?

      Shop smart! Shop S-marte!

      But seriously folks – time for the purple triceratops to resolve himself back to the late Cretaceous strata of Wyoming and Colorado to wait for the next crazed Bernoulli Twins of paleontology to show up and go to war over his headpiece.

      Where am I now? Glad you asked. I’m in Mainz, holed up in yet another boutique hotel just a short stroll from the Obama Institute. I miss midtown Frankfurt already but the antenna-touching festival folks generically call a “literary conference” begins in about two hours. Looking forward to the division serieseseses.


      1. My ex was in Germany last week, where he had his first currywurst and shared a photo of him posing outside the Brandenburg Gate. All the cool kids are going there, I guess.


  2. Saw as much of the game as prof did, but my excuse was needing my weekly Designated Survivor fix. More excitement in those couple innings than there was in the last couple months of my normal team’s season.

    When it comes to purple dinosaurs, Dino > Dinger > Barney.

    Wish I was techie enough to make a Sheen/Vaughn “Bullpenning” meme.

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    1. You are correct re: the hierarchy of purple dinosaurs, Sparty.

      I haven’t watched that show since the second or third episode, no fault of the excellent Kiefer Sutherland but having moved and having no privacy for 6 months and now being worked to exhaustion for these last few months doesn’t help lol.


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