He Said, She Said – ALWC Edition – Recap for 10/3/2017

We lost a giant in the music industry Monday, as Tom Petty passed away at age 66.  He had just completed his 40th anniversary tour with his band the Heartbreakers.  Tom was found in his home in critical condition suffering a full cardiac arrest.


There was only the one game last night and what a game it was.  The Twins opened the game with a three spot on the board as Luis Severino lasted just .1 innings, giving up home runs to Brian Dozier and Eddie Rosario.


Things looked pretty grim for the Yankees, who quickly answered with a three run inning of their own, thanks to a three run homer care of Didi Gregorius.


Brett Garner followed with a solo shot in the second and Aaron Judge broke the game open with a two run shot in the fourth.  Ervin Santana only was able to last two innings, giving up 4 runs himself.


Unfortunately for the Twins, their bats went silent in the 4th and stayed that way for the remainder of the game, thanks in part to an exceptionally deep Yankees bullpen that included a 3.1 inning performance by David Robertson and a three strikeout inning by Aroldis Chapman.


All in all it was a fantastic season for the Twins and their fans should be very proud.  The team looks to remain strong next year and hopefully will be a force to watch for years to come.


Tonight we have the Rockies facing off against the Diamondbacks where Jon Gray will take the bump against Zach Greinke.  While Arizona may have the edge on paper, this one is a game that could easily go either way.

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – ALWC Edition – Recap for 10/3/2017

  1. Game started off with a bang, that much I liked. The baseball gods are merciless when it comes to baserunning blunders though (that little escapade didn’t exactly qualify for TOOTBLAN status).


  2. Snakes and Rocky Mountain Oysters just getting started and it’s past my bedtime over here. Tough to follow the action through a six hour time zone difference. Meanwhile my condolences to Happy – but, on the other hand, that’s a good looking young team up there and the weenter weather ought to keep them fresher longer than the tropical humidity keeps the Feesh.

    Meanwhile had dinner at one of my favorite taverns in Frankfurt, a city I am coming to love a little more every day I spend here. Blood and liver sausages, spiced mashed potatoes and wine kraut with the kind of dense, al dente brown bread to make the Buddhas weep washed down with copious amounts of fresh brewed Frankfurter apple wine, rounded with a scoop of green apple sorbet. Tomorrow I relocate down the river to Mainz for my conference at the Obama Institute at Gutenberg University. I kinda wish I had just commuted there from here – I always stay at a small, elegant hotel with a sumptuous breakfast bar (included in the very reasonable room rate) and some of the best coffee I didn’t custom order myself, just across the street from my anatomically correct Tyrannosaurus statue, a comforting sight in the morning when I step out.

    Neither team playing tonight (your time) interests me much but, unlike Prof, I kinda like purple dinosaurs – even though, like Hemingway’s leopard carcass, no one has ever figured out what a triceratops is doing at that altitude.


    1. I guess you saw me last night with a lampshade on my head.

      My son texted me within seconds of Dozier’s lead off home run, not because he’s interested in baseball but because he knew it was a lot to me and that I would be watching and that I would be watching.

      This Twins team besides benefiting from a relatively low ambient temperature must also avoid the lutefisk, a virtue which I do not enjoy. When and if the Twins eventually rid the galaxy of the Borg, may someone say that dad, grandpa or just Rick, would have loved to have seen this.

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