Bandwagoning? Choose Your Playoff Team The Mascot Way.

Let’s face it, most of us aren’t going to have a team to root for. Most baseball blogs are going to tell you the pros and cons of why you should choose one team over another, but here at Fan Interference, we know the most important reason why you choose a team that’s not yours, and that’s MASCOT AWESOMENESS.

What makes a mascot awesome? A host of things add to mascot likeability – furriness, sassiness, the lack of an opponents’ mascot. Let’s go head to head with the teams that are left and see what mascot goodness they have to offer, and make our choices from there.

Tonight’s Wild Card matchup is Minnesota vs. the New York Yankees. Minnesota has T.C. Bear, who is absolutely adorable and loves the kids. The New York Yankees have…no one. Well, obviously, you gotta go Twins here. Score one for the Bear.

Nightmare fuel, but a good cat.

Next, we have the Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies. Arizona has D. Baxter the Bobcat, the Rox have Dinger, the purple dinosaur. Frankly, both are terrible mascots in the scheme of things. Dinger is cute, but doesn’t do anything memorable. Baxter is engaging and a lot of fun, great with children and folks with disabilities, but might actually be one of the most frightening characters in all of professional sports. The edge here goes to Baxter for having a huge heart for people underneath that fur suit. Also, for actually having a Twitter account. Dinger, step your game up. You really are a dinosaur.

The Cubs have a young upstart in the mascot department, one Clark the Cub. The Nationals have Screech, a bald eagle that you rarely actually see. Clark loves kids and has freckles, and has fun with the fans. Screech doesn’t do diddly squat and shares his name with the most annoying member of the Saved by the Bell squad, PLUS looks like a sad relative of Freddie Falcon, an NFL mascot. Advantage – Clark.

Red Sox vs Astros…. HAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, there’s no comparison here, folks. I might as well say, “Who ya got, Greg Maddux vs Rick Ankiel when he was still a pitcher?” Wally the Green Monster might be a very fine mascot – and he is, truly – but there are few finer character ambassadors than Orbit. That fuzzy green dude wins every time.

Sorry, dude, you aren’t cutting it.

Then we have our two bye teams – the Los Angeles Mascotless Dodgers, and the Magical Land of Cleve Sliders. As with the Yankees, the Dodgers are automatically eliminated by virtue of having no mascot. The Land of Cleve is an interesting quandary – go with the actual mascot that roams the stands and has a twitter account, which is the purplish fuzzy wuzz named Slider? Or the mascot that is affixed to their hats and unis, the horrible Wahoo? Either way, it’s a bad look. Wahoo is terrible and if that’s the mascot you choose you might as well go characterless like New York and LA do. If you choose Slider, he looks like a walking moldy Froot Loop and no one likes that. By default, it’s the Magical Land of Cleve because they actually have a character. But I’m side-eyeing the hell out of y’all.

So, there you go. Going into the next round are Clark, Slider, Orbit, Baxter, and TC Bear. The choice is yours. All of these mascots have lovable sides, plenty of fur, and lots of fun. We are all winners when we choose a mascot to cheer on!

10 thoughts on “Bandwagoning? Choose Your Playoff Team The Mascot Way.

  1. There is only one correct mascot-based choice among the playoff teams, and that choice is Orbit and the Astros; all other mascots pale in comparison.

    So, if my beloved Nats happen to falter in the post-season, I will climb aboard the Houston bandwagon (rocket?).

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    1. I didn’t want to use my bully pulpit to preach the gospel of Orbit, but yes, he is the best of all the mascots currently in the running. I love him soooo much lol.


        1. Orbit always has a feud with a player. Remember when he’d troll JP Arencibia by holding up signs saying he watched The Notebook and stuff? It was so awesome. The “intervention” was hilarious. I love that alien.


  2. I grew up in Pasadena CA. Mascots were for high school teams and the hated Trojans. Cheerleaders were fine for college teams and aberrant Cowboys. Then I became an Angels fan and laughed (twice) at the Rally Monkey, which was a two second video repeated on the big board. JC save me from these heathens! So I reach that rarity of disagreeing with Prof – I am unmoved by mascots. However, should some antisocial owenership adopt a mascot named for you, perhaps an Atlanta Mad Dog, foaming at the mouth, will then reconsider my position.

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    1. Friend, we can agree to disagree, and I will mark you down for the mascotless teams. 😜
      But if you and the Phanatic get into a dance off…. I’m sorry. Lol


    1. Wally is great fun, and his interactions with Tessie on Twitter are fun, too.

      I am just enamored with giant fuzzy trolls. Orbit, like his spiritual brother in mascot-dom the Phanatic, give no effs and I love that.


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