The Devil Went Down To Georgia


Well, well, well.


Satan is alive and he has his evil grip on my beloved Atlanta Braves. Today, in a shocking turn of events, general manager and dark wizard John Coppolella resigned along with his assistant, Gordon Blakeley, and all hell broke loose.

The Devil laughs as Atlanta burns.

Why did Coppy resign, and take his assistant with him? It turns out that his dark wizard ways might have been darker than we knew. Coppy is accused of having broken a lot of international signing rules, at the very least. Speculation is that this centers on extremely young star prospect Kevin Maitan. For example…

That doesn’t seem hinky in the LEAST.

News continues to break, and it looks like there’s been a whole lot of evil deeds done dirt cheap down in the Braves Front Office. How does this affect Atlanta’s rebuild? Will they be able to keep Maitan (I doubt it)? How will the Braves be punished by the Commissioner?

I sure hope that fiddle made of gold was worth losing your soul, Coppy.

25 thoughts on “The Devil Went Down To Georgia

  1. Sorry, sincerely sorry, but given ownership idiocy, field management that’s applying all the latest techniques (of the prior millennium), and revolving door GM office, I can have little simpathy for the team that abandoned their city for the richest suburb they could find. But I still love YOU, Prof, and I feel your pain!


    1. Even those of us who love the Braves aren’t exactly happy with them. The circles I run with all think that the FO is a joke, that they do a lot of stupid stuff re: signing men who are older than I am to play ball (which is unacceptable), and being just generally stupid. But Coppy had done a lot of key moves that rebuilt the farm and let the ship right for the future. Except that maybe not so much anymore. Sigh.


  2. I was en route from Macondo to Frankfurt night ‘fore last when hell broke loose in Vegas. Just another patriotic American exercising his sacred gun ownership rights from one point of view, or from another, proof positive that Hair Hitler’s campaign to block Muslim immigrants has both improved domestic security and opened up opportunities for real Americans who would otherwise have lost them to aliens.

    Anyway, they think we’re all crazy over here. Can’t blame ’em.

    I came over to deliver a paper on – pardon the organic irony of this topic in lieu of Prof’s subject – the postmodern versions of the Native American trickster motif in the fiction of Louise Erdrich and Jim Harrison at the American Literature Association symposium at the Obama Institute in Mainz. It was to have been a working vacation, now overshadowed by tragedy. Poo-tee-weet.

    The Feesh changed hands yesterday. Jeter & Co. holding a press conference today. I look forward to hearing what the new regime has to say for itself.

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  3. CBS Sports has an article up about the chicanery that lead to the resignation, and it reads like nothing else so much as a Division I football or basketball recruiting scandal.

    Of course, the Braves won’t find themselves barred from post-season competition, taken off TV, or facing the death penalty, but I guess they will face losing the professional equivalent of a few scholarships.

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    1. It appears that MLB is investigating other teams for assorted tomfoolery, but went with Coppy first because he was egregious.


      1. The Nats had a bout of stupidity (rather than malice) regarding their operations in Latin America back in the 2008-9 timeframe, resulting in Jim Bowden’s resignation.

        It all worked out for the best, in the long run, because we got Rizzo and he rebuilt things from scratch down there, which has yielded some real prospects now.

        You can read all about Carlos “Esmailyn ‘Smiley’ Gonzalez” Alvarez here –

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  4. Hey fam, any Yankee fans here please know that I don’t really hate the Yankees just trying to have some fun, can I get me if even just for this one game some


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  5. my son is talking to me.if the twins don’t pull this out against the bought and paid for Yankees I ani’t gonna pay no attention to unto at least next spring


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