He Said, She Said – Recaps For 9/28/2017

This is just about it, we are down to the final set of the year.  By this time Monday we will know exactly who will be playing who and when in the Playoffs, and a great majority of the league will be off golfing, and fishing, and whatever else the cool kids are doing on their vacation these days.  Plus I’m sure we will have another round of “Surprise I was really injured and need surgery” hitting the news.  Pretty soon, these recaps will be more narrowly focused, before they go into hibernation for the winter and we get the Hot Stove talk instead.


Twins 2, Indians 5Scouts: Cleveland picks up their 100th win.  Jason Kipnis, Roberto Perez, and Jay Bruce all went yard while Carlos Carrasco lasted 8.1 scoreless innings.  This is just the third time ever the Indians have broken the 100 mark.


Reds 3, Brewers 4Scouts: The Brew crew was able to hold on to their Wild Card possibilities by the slimmest of margins.   Brett Phillips doubled home the go-ahead run in the 6th and the bullpen was able to hold of the Reds from there.  Two games behind, but the Rockies have to deal with LA while the Brewers have to face off against the Cardinals on the road.

Pirates 4, Nationals 5Scouts: Sean Doolittle blew his first game of the season, giving up a two run shot to Josh Bell.  Everything turned out alright for the Nats however as Alejando De Aza , who previously hit a go-ahead triple in the 7th, struck once more with a walk-off single after Daniel Hudson couldn’t hold the lead.


Rays 9, Yankees 6Scouts: The Yankees had a golden opportunity to take back a game against the Redsox, but could not hold back the Rays who rallied for 7 runs in the 5th inning, highlighted by a two-run Wilson Ramos homer.  The Yankees are now 3 back and are unlikely to claim the division with just a small handful of games remaining.  Sonny Gray continues to not be what the Yankees hoped for when they acquired him just before the deadline.

Braves 1, Marlins 7Scouts: Not really much to say about this game.  Nothing terribly interesting really happened.  Oh yea, that’s right, I almost forgot.  Giancarlo Stanton hasn’t gotten headlines in a little while and was feeling a little bit neglected by the press, so he decided to destroy a few baseballs.  Stanton is now at 59 dingers on the season.


Astros 12, Red Sox 2 – Scouts: Whoops, Boston had a whoopin put on them.  In a potential Playoff Preview, the Astros blew the doors off this one in Boston.  Eduardo Rodriguez lasted just 1.2 innings.  Carlos Correa went 4-4 with a homer and three RBI’s as the ‘Stros came just a single win shy of 100.

Cubs 2, Cardinals 1 F/11Scouts: Okay, I thought the Angels game Wednesday night was the worst way to get bounced from playoff contention, this may have just taken the cake.  St. Louis was able to tie the game at 1 each in the 6th, where the score stood until the 11th inning.  That’s when Taylor Davis doubled home Kyle Schwarber.  So what you are saying to yourself loudly at your monitor.  Well, the real pain was brought in the bottom half of the frame when Leonys Martin robbed a home rum from Paul DeJong, that not only ended the game, but ended the season for the Cardinals.  Damn son.


Athletics 4, Rangers 1Scouts: Sean Manaea went 6.2 giving up just a single run and three hits and that’s really about all I can say about this one.

Angels 4, White Sox 5Scouts: LA Blew a 2 run lead giving up 3 in the 8th, showing just why they came up just short of the playoffs.

Tigers 4, Royals 1Scouts: Daniel Norris pitched well and Nicholas Castellanos cleared the bases with a double and that’s your ballgame.

7 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps For 9/28/2017

  1. Fall weather returned to the mid-Atlantic yesterday, and between it and Doolittle’s first blown save, I sense a growing sense of unease among Nats fans, as realization sets in that the playoffs start next week. With that realization come the haunting memories of post-season failures past, and in a town where no one’s won anything since 1991, even the diehards are now mentally preparing for a quick exit.

    As for me? Fuck the Cubs, and bring on the playoffs…


    1. Swat the gNats. :p. (I have to, you see, it’s Braves fan law.)

      I think Cubs v Nats will go down to the wire. If Cubs pitching holds up that is. If not, then congrats on winning your first playoff series?


      1. Boswell’s been up to his usual shit-stirring recently, bemoaning an offense that’s ranked in the lower half of MLB stats, productivity-wise, for most of the 2nd half, so he’s sure that every game in the NLDS will be 2-1. Furthermore, since the Cubs just clinched Wednesday, they’re batlle-tested, while the Nats have been cruising since, oh, April 30, when they beat the Mets 23-5, so the Nats won’t be able to respond to the pressure.

        I don’t know. The Nats hit like they were playing in Coors Field East before the All-Star break, but that was a function of need more than anything, because the bullpen was just awful; give them a competent bullpen all season, and home field for the NL playoffs might still be up in the air.

        Since the ASB, the offense hasn’t produced at those levels, but it was missing Trea Turner for a couple of months, Bryce Harper for six weeks, Jayson Werth since June 3, and since they were cruising, on any given night at least one other starter was probably resting, so it’s not like they were all slumping so much as they were absent. The pitching (starting and relief) has carried the load in the second half, and they’re going to win 98 games or so.

        The regular season is about the teams with the best 25 guys, but the playoffs are about the teams with the best 18-20 guys, so things will naturally be close regardless. If the Nats don’t at least win the NLDS, I’m sure people will call them chokers, but unless they really shit the bed like they did in 2014 (9 runs in the equivalent of 5 games, with Harper responsible for 5 of them) then I won’t buy the choker label; I’ll just tip my cap and say “get ’em next year”.

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        1. I see where you are coming from, but I will also argue that lately the Cubs have been having bad outings on the mound and its their offense that wins, not the pitching. If Max, Stras, Gio et al pitch to their potential and Lester, Arrieta, and Hendricks even have a slight hiccup, advantage Nats.

          I think Murphy will try to go to another level. Turner and Harper are healthy, and want to prove it. Werth isn’t getting any younger and wants to play more postseason ball. This is a team with a chip on their shoulder and I think that will be a factor in the NLDS.

          May the best team win.

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  2. “May the best team win”? This is baseball and that only happens about 60% of the time and when it doesn’t happen magical things happen.



  3. The Tiggers blew their chance at the elusive 100 loss season and now finish with 3 in Happyville. Hoping they can drop all 3 and finish with 99 losses so Al Avila can go into the off season singing “I got 99 problems but Brad ain’t one”.

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