He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/26/17

Prof: This was a difficult recap to write. Not because of the games or anything, but because my internet kept going out every five to ten minutes for hours. It’s hard to keep up with scores when all of your sources’ websites time out. Anyway, this is what I do for y’all. Oh, and I picked out some music, too, when my wifi wasn’t down. I hope you enjoy it! LOL


Rays 6, Yankees 1Scouts: All you really need to know about the tone of this game is that Aaron Hicks robbed Wilson Ramos of a grand slam.  The rest of the night pretty much followed suit a the Yankees have now secured home-field advantage for the AL Wild Card game.


Nationals 1, Phillies 4 Prof: Kick back, relaxin’, maxin’ all cool, and Bryce Harper played a little bit, too. The Nats didn’t have to win this game, just keep everyone limber and bring their star player back sparingly from injury/flu/bad sushi and expired LaCroix. The Phillies didn’t bring their heavy lumber, but they didn’t need it. Freddy Galvis crossed home a couple of times, and Rhys Hoskins hit a sac fly to continue being one of the most intriguing rookies of the season.

Orioles 1, Pirates 10Prof: Oh, geez. This was straight up carnage, but I found out something mind blowing in the meantime. Did y’all know that Cutch had NEVER hit a grand slam? In all these years of awesomeness, Andrew McCutchen had never hit a salami, until last night. That’s pretty amazing.


Blue Jays 9, Red Sox 4Prof: Here’s another mind blowing stat. Chris Sale coughed up four dingers last night. Josh Donaldson hit two of them. (FOR PETE’S SAKE I was able to get JUST THIS INFORMATION before my internet went down again. Two minutes! Curse you Xfinity!)

Twins 8, Indians 6Prof:  Happy is probably thrilled at his team’s performance, and I wouldn’t blame him if he OD’d on ice cream! Like I told the man himself yesterday, I think it would be cool to see the Twins do well in a playoff run because they’d be like the 1991 Braves, going from suck to super in a year’s time. That’s always awesome. Brian Dozier made it happen with a three run homer in the eighth inning.


Tigers 2, Royals 1Scouts: Jason Vargas gave up just a single hit over 6 strong innings, however it all was for all for naught as the Royals were eliminated from playoff contention.

Marlins 0, Rockies 6Prof: The Rockies really needed this win to gain valuable leverage in the Wild Card race. Trevor the Neverending Story hit a three run homer in the first inning, while Nolan Arenado hit a two run bomb in the fifth. My favorite Feesh went hitless. And if you don’t know who those Feesh are, you don’t pay enough attention to my posts.

Giants 4 , Diamondbacks 11Scouts: The bats finally awoke for Arizona, particularly J.D. Martinez who worked 6 RBI’s in the first two innings.  Matt Moore’s season is likely done, punctuated by a second inning grand slam by Martinez.

Mariners 6, Athletics 3Scouts: Um….Pass.  Okay, okay.  Fine.  I’ll write something.  Um…Yader Alonso and Danny Valencia hit homers.  The M’s beat the A’s.  And I think I’ve said too much.


Padres 2, Dodgers 9Scouts: The once slumping Dodgers seem to be getting all warmed up for the post-season just in the nick of time.  Yasmani Grandal, Corey Seager, and Adrian Gonzalez all hit homers.

Braves 3, Mets 4Prof:  The Braves and the Mets have a long standing love/hate relationship with each other. New York feared and secretly respected Chipper Jones; Atlanta secretly likes David Wright but will never admit it. But there is one man who has played for both teams that both fanbases love and admire, and that is R.A. Dickey. Dickey won a Cy Young award with the Mets and has come to Atlanta now in the twilight of his career. He pitched what’s probably his final game last night, walking off the mound at Citi Field to a standing ovation. Even though he hasn’t come right out and said it, most observers believe that R.A. will ride out into the sunset after this season, and it will be well deserved. I love R.A. Dickey and would jump in front of a bullet for him. As a human, as a fellow traveler on the same sad lonely road I am on, and as a knuckleballer. (Also, maybe because the boy I’ve been seeing has similar shaped sad looking eyes and a wry smile, but that’s not really why.) Anyway, in last night’s game it was all knotted up until a walk off single won for the Mets. Fun fact: Braves scored early, Mets scored late. Sounds about right.

Reds 6, Brewers 7Prof:  All year, Cincinnati has had Milwaukee’s number. I don’t know if it’s because they just got into their heads, or if my boy Scooter Gennett spilled some trade secrets, or what. But it’s true that when these two teams meet, it’s always crazy. Last night was no exception. It was a slugfest of ugly singles, sac flies, throwing errors (Scoots this time, wonder if the Crew got into his head), and home runs from unusual suspects. This win keeps Milwaukee in the playoff hunt. Like my cohort Scout said yesterday, this might be the only playoff race that matters now.

Angels 9, White Sox 3Prof: Mike Trout is the Lord incarnate. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules, I just abide by them. Anyway, this ridiculous alien disguised as a human being hit his 31st home run of the season – a season cut short with injury, mind you – and helped lead the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of California of America of the Universe to victory over the incredibly sad Chicago White Sox. Oh, and APu joined in the fun by driving in his 100th RBI of the season.

Cubs 7, Cardinals 8Scouts: Chicago rallied for 4 in the 8th, but the Cards were able to shut that down at the wire.  Matt Carpenter, Tommy Pham, Jedd Gyorko, and Randal Grichuk hit dongs for the redbirds.  The Cubbies are the only team left to clinch their division and the Cards remain 2.5 games back of the wild card.

Astros 14, Rangers 3Prof: Even though it’s still officially 9/26 when I write this, I think it’s safe to say that the butt kicking of the night belongs to Houston. Orbit’s Boys just absolutely demolished their in-state rivals and put themselves no worse than the second best record in the American League. Dallas Keuchel had 8 Ks, while Carlos Correa, Brian “Get Off My Lawn” McCann (I can say that, BMac was the No Fun Sheriff when he was with Atlanta), and Cameron Maybin all had three ribbies a piece.

4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/26/17

  1. I did pick up some ice cream yesterday afternoon. I didn’t have time to go to Walmart and get my 2.08 per half gallon favorite but I did buy the cheapest available in the store I did go to. There’s something magical in the artery hardening homogenous mediocrity of cheap ice cream.

    It would be so god like of the gods if the Yankees were to win their last 5 while the Red Sox win 2, forcing I presume a game 163 on Monday, for which the Yankees use up their best available starter but still lose, forcing them to face the relatively well rested Twins the next day. Next Monday: Red Sox 14 – Yankees 13 – 15 innings.- game over 2 AM Tuesday.

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  2. Got that Tiggers / Royals score backwards. Don’t try to give the Tiggers a win, they are on a mission to have the worst overall record in MLB posting a torrid 4 up 21 down mark in September to pull within a half game of the not so Giants. With a strong finish they can pull of a 100 loss season.

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