He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/25/17

Scouts: I must admit, I’ve been having a really hard time keeping motivated with baseball the past few weeks.  Once my team of choice fell into their latest great slump, it became easier and easier to find other means of entertainment in the evenings.  The fact of the matter is, baseball is such a long grind, even more-so when you write about it every single day.  It can be very easy to lose focus when your team is losing 8-1 day in and day out and most of the playoff chases fell flat.  I have to say, without the help of the Professor, I’m not entirely sure this site would still exist.  So let’s all take a brief moment to give her a big thank you for keeping us together.  The work she puts into keeping the site up every day is amazing and cannot be understated.  In one regard I am really happy we have the site as it does force me to stay active in the league as a whole, and to keep up with all of baseball, where at this point I may take a mini-vacation until the Playoffs begin.  So a thank you to all of you for keeping me active and engaged.  It really is all of you reading, and especially those that comment that help make it all worth it for me.

Nationals 3, Phillies 1Prof: Your NL East Leaders had to do without the services of one Bryce Harper against last night. Dude had a sickly tum, I guess. I am not throwing shade at Royce Harpler, because I don’t like doing anything when I’m feeling gross either, much less jogging, stealing bases, etc. Surprisingly the player of the game for the Nats was probably Royce’s partner in hair crime, Captain Caveman himself, Jayson Werth. He got on base and was the RBI that Michael A. Taylor drove in, while in the eighth inning C.Caveman grounded into a fielder’s choice, which brought in Ryan Zimmerman, and won the game.


Giants 9, Diamondbacks 2Scouts: Arizona drops what is really a meaningless game for them.  They have clinched a wild card spot and are too far back of the Dodgers.  At this point it’s just about staying healthy, giving your guys some rest, but not allowing anyone to get rusty going into the second season.

Mariners 7, Athletics 1Scouts: Oakland was on a bit of a roll before Seattle came to town.  Mitch Haniger homered twice for the M’s while Mike Zunino and Yonder Alonso also went deep.

Padres 3, Dodgers 9Scouts: LA finally got to the 100 win mark after stumbling for a little while there.  Yu Darvish pitched very well and the bats came to play, reminding everyone just how dangerous the Dodgers can be.

Blue Jays 6, Red Sox 4Prof: Toronto had bookend homers to seal the deal against the AL East leaders. Josh Donaldson hit a solo in the first and Ryan Goins hit one in the ninth. Boston sure tried hard – Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts especially – but they were no match for the Bringer of Rain and his crew.

Braves 9, Mets 2 (Game 1), Braves 2, Mets 3 (Game 2) – Prof: As always, the Braves can’t do anything halfway. They are either all in or all out, and this doubleheader is the perfect opportunity to show that weird side of theirs. In game one, Atlanta brought out rookie Lucas Sims to start while Tyler Flowers and Ozzie Albies hit a homer. Game two was closer, but a heartbreaker. Max Fried – another rookie – pitched better than the record shows. He had no glove support behind him. You can’t be perfect all the time. New York rallied to the moment, with Travis d’Arnaud hitting a franchise record setting homer. The Apple has risen 219 times now, which is a season record for the Mets. You’d think with all those dingers, they’d be in a better position in the NL East…

kermit tea.gif

Royals 3, Yankees 11Prof: Well, you guys, Aaron Judge is real and he’s spectacular. The rookie sensation hit two dingers in this game and surpassed Mark McGwire for most home runs hit by a rookie in a season. Joining him in home run bashing were Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez for the Yankees and Salvy Perez and Mike Moustakas for the Royals.


Astros 11, Rangers 2Scouts: Houston still is fighting for home-field advantage, now taking a 5 game lead over Boston after absolutely destroying the Rangers.  The Astros pulled the win off the back of a 8 run fourth inning that seemed like it would never end.  Scary moment for Houston as Jose Altuve was hit by a pitch on the left forearm and had to leave the game.  He’s currently listed as day-to-day, but you know Astro faithful won’t breathe again until he returns.


Angels 2, White Sox 4 – Scouts: The loss just about seals it for LA, still 5 games back of the Twins with just six games to go.  There is zero room for error at this point.  James Shields went 7 strong innings for Chicago.

Cubs 10, Cardinals 2Prof:  HEY CHICAGO WHADDYA SAY? CUBS JUST PUT THE CARDS AWAAAAY! Go Cubs Gooooo, go Cubs goooooo! Sorry, y’all. Anyway, The hits came hot and heavy in the first inning, with with a three run double, then another one run double right off the bat. Then in the second inning, Kris Bryant solo homered. Jedd Gyorko put the Redbirds on the board, but the wee Cubbies came roaring back in the third with a Javy Baez three run homer, and it was all over but the shoutin’.


Marlins 5, Rockies 4Scouts: The loss brings Colorado’s lead down to a game and a half. The Rockies have two more vs Miami before the Dodgers come to town.  The Brew Crew have to face the Reds and the Cardinals.  This is likely the only meaningful playoff race left.


27 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/25/17

  1. I was working last night, so listened to the game on satellite radio, which meant Phillies announcers, and holy shit is Larry Andersen an angry, bitter, crotchety man, and not in a fun way, either. Maybe he’s in a better mood when the Phillies are successful, but the man was not having a good time last night, and I get the sense that this is an everyday thing with him.

    I was a little disappointed that Harper didn’t play last night, simply because there aren’t that many more opportunities for him to see live pitching before things really matter again. Someone on Twitter pointed out that his illness happened to coincide with BYU allowing the sale of caffeinated soft drinks on campus, or maybe it was a reaction to the direwolf costume he wore on Sunday, but I do hope he’s back tonight.

    Other than that, I’m going to sit back this week and watch Victor Robles continue to make his case for being on the roster this October; he’s got gobs of talent, and doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who’ll be rattled by the bright lights.

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      1. I don’t know what happened with Bryce. The official report was “flu-like symptoms”, which I usually assume means “has hangover that would kill a horse”, but he doesn’t drink alcohol, so…

        The Nats got to Philly from NYC presumably by charter bus; maybe he sat in a seat that hadn’t been properly disinfected?

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  2. Prof for MVP!

    I feel your pain Scout. With the Tigers turning into a sinking ship with darkness on the horizon for the next couple seasons at least, my interest in baseball has been pretty low. Looking toward the playoffs it looks like our friends Happy Stex & Someguy will have a strong interest since their teams will be involved. Maybe the rest of us all need to adopt a playoff team to make us feel brand new. Noticed there was no music today, pardon the corny segue but this song has deep meaning for me today.

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    1. Full disclosure: obviously I’m rooting for the Cubs in the NL but my AL interest this year in the playoffs is the Magical Land of Cleve. I want a rematch!


        1. If by circumstances the Magical Land of Cleve bombs, then I will gladly root for Minnesota! It’s a 1991 Braves situation – godawful to playoffs in a year. That’s always cool!!!


    2. I’m not gonna lie I dropped the ball on the music. I usually come to work a little early and write up my part of the posts, but today the power was out in half the building and I was scrambling around trying to get people up and running, and just sort of, kinda, forgot. Thanks for picking me up in that department!

      Also, what playoff team do you want to adopt? I kinda am rooting for the Twins and the Dodgers. Mostly LA so that I can see Kershaw pitch in prime time. And the Twins for the underdog thing. I’d also be happy with Houston so it’s not the same old, Boston/New York matchups.


      1. I’d pull for my ex-Tigers, but Stex has the Astros covered and being a gentleman I’ll give Historio first dibs on JD & the D-Backs if she wants it. There’s the Porcello, Dog & DD connection with the Red Sox but pulling for Boston makes me feel dirty. I guess I’ll be an honorary Rockies fan.

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  3. If the Twins win tonight and the Angels lose they clinch the second wild card spot. If that doesn’t happen but either the Twins win or the Angels lose they clinch a game 163.


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    1. If the Twins wrap up the 2nd card before the end of the season, Beautiful Brad has promised/threatened to play Andrew Romine in all 9 positions the last game of the season. It would be 17 years to the day after Shane Halter played all 9 positions for the Tigers and both players wore # 17.

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      1. If the Twins clinch the wild card before the Tiger lopes into town on Friday may the fangs of the Tiger be awash.

        BTW honorary Twins fan certification is available for all who apply.

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        1. I was working out a response to @prof when you sent out a jolt of love and word press or whatever this is did its little dance.

          You have been and always will be an honorary Twins fan as I am an honorary Tigers fan.

          @prof if I was thinking if I was a rich man I would I would buy a Mauer Jersey and a plane ticket to the big apple for the wild card playoff. You now remind me that I would rather buy a Morneau jersey so that I would not have to kneel down in shame.

          Of course, the white sox are not doing their part against the Angels, but the Twins are a run ahead of the mighty Indians by a run in the ninth und herr Kepler just slapped a hit,

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        2. I got to see the M&M Boys play on the same field only once, but I tell you, I was very happy to have done so.

          I truly love Justin Morneau and I will be forever sad that he had so many brain injuries, because I loved the way he played baseball.


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