He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/24/17

Prof: It’s Monday. The weekend flew by. I don’t know if you’re like me, and you’ve been really stressed out lately, but let’s get some EDM in our ears to get some kind of excited, motivated yet chill feeling happening.


Yankees 5, Blue Jays 9Prof: Joey Bats is probably not coming back to Toronto, so the Blue Jay faithful let him know how much they love and appreciate their franchise player with a standing ovation in the ninth inning. Even though he had two hits, he’s getting older, and the Blue Jays probably won’t pick up his option, so he’s bound to greener, less Astroturf-ier pastures. In Pinstripe news, your eventual Rookie of the Year Aaron Judge hit two home runs, which is pretty cool.


Red Sox 5, Reds 4Prof: Teams as auburn as my hair played against each other, but only one could be a winner. That would be Boston, who has now reduced their Magic Number to 3. It was the Mookie Betts show, who doubled with the bases loaded to tie it up in the eighth, then legged it out on an infield single. He’s too good, y’all.


Nationals 3, Mets 2Scouts: Trea Turner hit a two run bomb and Max Scherzer was his usual dominant self and the Nats clinched home-field advantage in the NLDS.  Jacob deGrom was fantastic in his ownright, however he couldn’t touch the potential NL Cy Young winner.

Royals 1, White Sox 8Scouts: Lucas Giolito kept the Royals on lockdown, giving up just a single run over 7 innings.

Giants 1, Dodgers 3Scouts: Hopefully the Dodgers are getting back on track just in time for the post-season.  I was telling someone just this weekend that I had never had the pleasure to watch a full Kershaw game as his west-coast starts are typically too late for me to watch.  I’m really hopeful they will do deep enough into the playoffs to pitch during normal baseball hours.

Rays 4, Orioles 9Prof: I went to the game on Saturday night, when the O’s attempted to rally in the ninth inning, and it made me a believer in Trey Mancini. He might overtake Mark Trumbo as my imaginary future boyfriend. In the meantime, we’ll just admire his beautiful, fluid swing and the way that his hits have a nice, even spray pattern. Lovely. But this is about Sunday, not Saturday, so let’s talk about the last home game for Baltimore. Another member of the Beautiful Brotherhood of Baseball, one J.J. Hardy, hit a single and also a home run off Chris Archer before an adoring crowd at Oriole Park. Hardy’s getting old and much like the Mets’ David Wright, he keeps getting injured. While Hardy says he feels like he can still play (as does Davey), it probably won’t be in Baltimore. I honestly think (and hope) he will retire. What a lovely thing it would be if the beloved Hardy could ride off into the sunset helping to win the last home game that Orioles fans would see him play. (As someone who watched Hardy play in Milwaukee and loved him then, it would do my heart good.)



Phillies 2, Braves 0Prof: Meh. All I can say is… meh. This was the last game at White Flight Park. It was scoreless going into the fifth inning, when Mikael Franco hit a solo homer to get Philadelphia ahead and they never looked back. When it comes to this season for Atlanta, I won’t look back, either. Not fondly, at any rate.


Rangers 1, Athletics 8Scouts: This is likely it for Texas who were swept by the A’s over the weekend and now find themselves down 5.5 games to the Twins, who are on a sudden 4 game losing streak.  Khris Davis smacked his 41st homer during a 5 run 5th.

Cubs 5, Brewers 0Prof: The Brewers needed leverage, the Cubs needed to put their in-division rivals away. Who would reign supreme? Chicago crushed the Brew Crew and they continue to watch their wild card hopes shrivel like a slug in salt. Bet Milwaukee wishes they had those games they threw away in Cincinnati back, don’t they? Ben Zobrist hit a two run dinger and Anthony Rizzo added two runs of his own with a double.

Indians 4, Mariners 2Prof: When I survey the wondrous Klubot/On which so many batters have died/Eighteen wins and so few loss/The Magical Land of Cleve’s pride.

With apologies to hymnals everywhere, I can’t help but sing praises to Corey Kluber. The Cleveland ace had 10 K’s – per the usual – and now has eighteen wins – the most in the AL this season. His stats are awful close to Chris Sale. And remember, Kluber was injured for a little bit, too, and Sale’s had pretty much all season. If Kluber hadn’t been injured, would he be at twenty wins? I think so. And that, friends, is CYA quality, at least for most voters.

Angels 7, Astros 5Scouts:  The Angels may have gotten the win, but they are still 4.5 games back of the final Wild Card spot.  Not all hope is lost as the Angels head to Chicago while the Twins have to stay hot in New York.  The win snaps a 6 game losing streak.

Cardinals 1, Pirates 4Scouts: Pittsburgh played the role of spoiler, really hurting the Cardinals playoff chances.  The Cards are down 2.5 games and I’m not sure if you are aware, but there aren’t all that many games left.  St. Louis will have to win big in Chicago to even have a chance and will likely need some help at this point.

Twins 10, Tigers 4Scouts: Minnesota went on a rampage in Detroit, sweeping the Tigers and putting themselves in a really good position to make it into the playoffs.  Now they have to head to New York and see if they can hold onto the 4.5 game lead.  Eduardo Escobar hit a three run homer in the sixth.

Marlins 2, Diamondbacks 3Prof: The D’backs didn’t have to win this game to get a handle on a NL Wild Card berth, but it didn’t hurt. This was a close one, and Miami lead for most of it, but the Gritty Snakes came back in late innings to grab victory from the jaws of De Feesh. Arizona should send one of those Edible Arrangements to the Detroit Tigers for sending J.D. Martinez their way. He had a two-out RBI single in the ninth inning that drove home the winning run.

Rockies 8, Padres 4Prof: Colorado is in the hunt for that last wild card berth, and with Milwaukee getting stomped in the NL Central, the Rockies have to take matters into their own hands and get those wins the old fashioned way. And so they did, with former Brewer Gerardo Parra hitting a tiebreaker single and Pat Valaika and Charlie Blackmon hit back to back bombs to lift the Rockies over San Diego.

4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/24/17

  1. lots of news from this weekend. It now looks exceedingly probable that the Twins will earn an avenging wild card death match with the Borg and it’s probable that they will clinch this opportunity in time to cancel or at least abrogate either Santana or Berrios’s last regular season start in order to have them available for this game. But here’s the biggest news.

    My son called me on Saturday. When his psychotropic meds get out of whack, as they have been for the last several months, I become in the thinking of the human being that I love more than any other of the seven billion plus human beings currently alive (please don’t tell his sister this because even though it’s sort of true it’s not really true) an essential figure in the nebulous conspiracy to oppress him.

    In 2015 to early 2016 when the same thing occurred and he came out of it it was apparently like a switch being suddenly flipped, and so it seems it is this time, but this time without a forced incarceration in a lock down psych ward following a violent threat. He called me, on Saturday, made some realistic small talk with me about his family’s situation, and told me he loved me. I checked with his wife who I’ve been trying to emotionally support as she also becomes during these episodes his imagined antagonist, and she believes it’s for real too.

    I adamantly do not believe in the historical veracity of religious myth. God doesn’t write books, people do. But I also believe in religion without religion because love is the law of life. If you choose to watch this you might want to mute the sound and just look at the faces. I found it by going to youtube and typing in the search bar “fall on your knees”.

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    1. I’m glad to hear positive news re: your son. You don’t need me to tell you that even though things are looking up, there’s still a lot to do. I know that very well. My life is a reminder of that, too.

      Keats once wrote that love is his religion and he would die for it. While he was being dramatic – writing this to his one true love in the midst of consumption – I have taken those words to heart. Love is all we can give to a person that can’t have a price put on it, the only thing freely given that is both free and priceless. Even though it sounds trite, love is the only thing we can give one another that lasts. So I send you love, Happy. ☺

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  2. I vaguely remember hearing something about hazing being forbidden in the last CBA, but it didn’t take root with me until this weekend, when a number of teams, including the Nats, engaged in the annual “rookies in costume” ritual. Because of the CBA, putting these young men in dresses, or tutus, or anything else that might be offensive is now verboten (a good thing), and so teams are having to be creative.

    I submit that the Nats won this ritual this year, as they not only made the rookies dress up, but also had the whole team participate in what’s best described as some A- level Game of Thrones cosplay:


    The rookies got to be The Unsullied, that’s Bryce playing a direwolf, and you can make as many “October is Coming” jokes as you wish.

    In on-field news, Victor Robles got to play this weekend, and managed a triple on a broken-bat fly ball to the warning track, picked up an assist as part of a TOOTBLAN double play, and made one of those catches that everyone calls spectacular, but that might’ve been the result of a poor route to the ball. He’s still on the bubble for postseason roster consideration.

    In other on-field news, it appears that Bryce Harper will be activated from the DL today and get a chance to knock off some rust before the playoffs. “Cheers and applause”, as they say in closed captioning…


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