He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/18/17

Prof: An off night for a lot of our teams. Scary news out of the Caribbean, as another huge hurricane is bearing down on our brothers and sisters on the islands. This one is called Maria, and it looks like Maria is on her way to Puerto Rico, who just got slammed by previous storms. Not to mention Hurricane Jose is playing a cat and mouse game with New York and New England. As always, let’s keep these people in our thoughts and prayers, and if you haven’t done so already, donate to hurricane relief funds. Harvey and Irma did so much damage, and it looks like we’re not quite done yet.


Mets 1, Marlins 13Prof: Is it the sadness of the Mets, or the epicness of Giancarlo Stanton that was the game changer here? Either way, it was a lopsided outing for the Feesh, who returned home from their “home” games at Miller Park. The Iron Giant crushed a three run dinger straight into that Mardi Gras float called a home run sculpture, his 55th of the season. Marcell the Damned had four hits, including a homer of his own. Dee Gordon also had four hits, and a stolen base to boot.


Twins 1, Yankees 2Scouts: Aaron Judge seems to be performing pretty well again, finally out of that slump he was in for a bit.  I mean he’s still striking out, and he had an error, and left three men on base, but he also hit a solo home run so the Yankee fans have ceased calling for his head.

Dodgers 3, Phillies 4Prof: Here’s a thing that’s never, ever happened before. Someone hit a grand slam off Clayton Kershaw. Seriously. Kersh has never been lit up for grand salami before in his entire major league career…until Aaron Altherr last night. And the Kersh Slam was all the Phillies needed to win the game.


Diamondbacks 2, Padres 4Scouts: Hunter Renfroe hit a three-run shot in the first and Austin Hedges added a solo in the second and that was pretty much the ballgame.  Arizona attempted a comeback, but Luis Perdomo was able to keep the damage under control.

Brewers 3, Pirates 0Prof: Milwaukee keeps fighting tooth and nail to gain the upper hand on the NL wild card. They are now two games behind the Rockies and this win over Pittsburgh helped their cause. The Brewer bullpen, anchored by Corey Knebel, pitched the last four innings, and Ryan Braun hit a 429 foot homer.

Red Sox 10, Orioles 8 F/11 – Prof:  Is it a bad thing to play extra innings at beautiful Camden Yards? I suppose if you’re an Orioles fan, this game ended poorly. Andrew Benintendi hit a two run single in the 11th inning to win this. His teammates Xander Bogaerts and Mookie Betts had themselves nights as well, driving in seven runs between them.

Scouts: This is the thing I hate about September baseball.  Right as teams are pushing hardest for the playoffs, their rosters expand to include pretty much anyone whithin a 50 mile radius that’s ever thrown a baseball before.  19 pitchers were used to throw 22 innings of baseball by both teams.  That means that each pitcher averaged just over an inning.  Only one pitcher threw for more than 2 innings.  Come on MLB, this looks absolutely ridiculous and needs to stop.  This is a game that should have hurt Boston, if not cost them the loss, but harmed their bullpen for the rest of the series.  Instead no one will even notice.  With 19+ trips to the mound, is it any wonder this game took 4 and a half fucking hours?


Athletics 8, Tigers 3Scouts: Not really much to talk about this game between two teams that are long out of any sort of playoff race.  Matt Olson homered for the fourth straight game, so that’s cool.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/18/17

  1. Of note in the Tigers game, one scary event as Jeff Ferrell took a line drive to the noggin:

    I’d suggest Prof & Scouts could lighten their work load the rest of the season by eliminating recaps of the Tigers the rest of the way, but 7 of the 12 games left are against the Twins and I don’t want to deprive Happy the joy of reading about those Twins wins.

    MLB really needs to consider making teams declare 25 active players for each game after the Sept 1 call ups.

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    1. I’d rather see them beat the Borg. Last night they got beat by Garcia whom they traded to the Yankees about a month ago for prospects. And this in spite of an excellent outing by Santana and to rub salt in the wound, as part of the trade the Twins are paying most of Garcia’s salary for the rest of the year so you can say that they paid Garcia to bring the Angels a game closer to them. We’ve got to get that multi phasic shielding going.

      Still I do hope to see the Tigers show us the future by running out some somewhat promising AA pitchers in those games, you know, so that you and histro can enter the off season with hopeful hearts.


      1. Our hopes are dashed. Our hearts are broken, and the little pieces scattered like traded players making good on other teams. Whyyyyyyyyy???? Whyyyyyyyyy meeeee?????

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