He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/14/17

Scouts: For the first time in a long time, next year will begin with every single team playing baseball on the same day.  No more of that 5 teams today, 5 team tomorrow, bonus team yesterday nonsense.  Opening Day will return to the glorious holiday that it was always meant to be.  I for one am very excited.  Of course it’s easy for me to look forward to next year when for like most, my team’s current season is over and done with.  However there is still good baseball going on for many.  Let’s check on them shall we?

Athletics 2, Red Sox 6Scouts: Andrew Benintendi racked up 3 RBI’s and Drew Pomeranz went 6 strong innings as the Red Sox maintained their division lead over the Yankees.

Reds 2, Cardinals 5Scouts: Luke Weaver won his 6th consecutive decision and the Cardinals took 2 of three against the Reds.  Tommy Pham hit number 20 and stole two.

Mets 6, Cubs 14Prof: Swish, swish, bish. It started out rosy for New York, but the Cubs decided that they wanted to be cruel and toy with their food. That started in the fourth inning, where they brought home five runs. Then the same amount the sixth inning. Everybody got in on doubles action:  John Jay, Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Albert Almora Jr. J-Hey and Rizzo also homered for good measure.

White Sox 17, Tigers 7Prof: OUCH OUCH OH WOW OUCH. Dem Southside Boys went completely insane at Comerica Park, destroying their hosts in a ridiculous fashion. Avisail Garcia alone had seven RBI. James Shields actually won a road game, which hasn’t happened in months. All in all, the Sox ended up with twenty five hits. That’s monstrous.

Mariners 10, Rangers 4Scouts: Nelson Cruz homered, doubled twice and touched home plate 4 times as the Mariners crushed the Rangers.

Blue Jays 2, Twins 3 F/10 – Prof: Byron Buxton saved the day with a tenth inning home run. The win helps Minnesota stay atop the second Wild Card standings in the American League.


Astros 5, Angels 2Scouts: Houston’s magic number is down to 3 after recovering from last night’s whoopin’.


Orioles 5, Yankees 13 – Prof: Beyonce says, “I twirl on my haters.” She also says, “Slay, trick, or you get eliminated.” Basically, the entire New York Yankees team are the lyrics to “Formation” except they aren’t ladies. Anyway, Aaron Judge had two three-run homers, Todd Frazier hit his own three run shot, and Gary Sanchez had a solo bomb of his own.

Scouts: The sole bright spot for the O’s is their top prospect Chance Sisco is now 2-3 with a homer in the big leagues.  Can’t wait to see you play all year next year!

Marlins 0, Phillies 10Prof: Rhys Hoskins can’t stop, won’t stop. The victim this time was the Feesh, who were shut out by the lowly Phillies. Marlins allowed seven runs in the second inning. Lord help, that’s awful. It didn’t help that Don Mattingly sat the bulk of the Marlins’ power factory out of the game – so no Stanton, no Marcell the Damned, no Yelich. The Big Buckin’ Chicken played but he’s fresh off the DL, so that’s not going to translate to big hits right away.

Braves 2, Nationals 5Scouts: Ho-Hum, another day another win.  The Nats still have a shot at top seed in the playoffs so they can’t completely nap, but at this point, I think the real endgame is to get healthy and to stay warm and ready for the post-season.  They are about to head to LA for what will be a absolutely fascinating series that may be a NLCS preview.


Rockies 0, Diamondbacks 7Prof: The Rockies are starting to wilt, and the Gritty Snakes are sinking their teeth into the NL Wild Card. J.D. Martinez had a homer, A.J. Pollock had 4 RBI and Zack Godley pitched eight very clean innings.

Royals 2, Indians 3 F/10 – Prof:  “DIDN’T THEY TELL YOU THAT I WAS A SAVAGE?” Oh, friends, it looked grim there for a minute, but delicious Francisco Lindor truffle looked losing straight in the face, channeled Dikembe Mutombo, and said “OH NO NO, NOT TODAY!” with a home run to tie the game and send it into extras. Then Jay Bruce decided that wasn’t exciting enough and hit a walk-off double to bring Jose Ramirez home and the Magical Streak of Cleve lives for a twenty-second time.




6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/14/17

  1. The Tigers have gained (lost?) 3 games over their last 10 on the White Sox in their drive to have the AL’s worst record and now are just 1 game back with 3 head to head this weekend. The probable starters are Anibal Sanchez (7.43 ERA, 1.68 WHIP), Myles Jaye (6.75 ERA, 1.50 WHIP) and Matt Boyd (5.75 ERA, 1.68 WHIP). The White Sox hitters have to be absolutely delirious with anticipation.


  2. Just a note: I am still alive, even if the Feesh aren’t. I haven’t seen a slide like that since the Mount Saint Helens lahar.
    We’re still without internet service back home and the only way I was able to chime in here was by using the free wi-fi at the American Airlines Admiral’s Club while en route to New York for the screening and cast party of my son’s freshly minted horror movie (more on that later). In any case the Feesh’s last couple of weeks won’t be the only horror show to which I will be subjecting myself.
    Hurricane Irma did a couple hundred grand’s worth of damage to Macondo Banana Massacre Field. I am assuming Scrooge McLoria will be stuck with that. Heee heee heee.
    I also find myself wondering if Derek Jeter isn’t having second thoughts about the real value of the team for which he and his partners are shelling out a billion two hunnert million.

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