We Interrupt This Weekend Lull For An Important Announcement.

Friends, Justin Bour is back.

He’s excited, too!

I repeat.

The Big Buckin’ Chicken has made it back onto a baseball diamond, and it’s against my Braves. He has also made it back to his Braves-destroying ways, wasting no time in lighting up Folty for a double.

I also found a picture of Bour in a pair of black rimmed glasses so consider my life ruined.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled weekend, already in progress.


4 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Weekend Lull For An Important Announcement.

  1. But for every happy Wild Bour fan out there, there’s a heartbroken David Wright fan. Doesn’t sound like he’ll ever be back. What a shame.

    Got up early to try to get some work done before the power goes out. I also had to go out and get bagels – an old first-day-of-the-hurricane tradition in this household. It has to be done when, at the earliest, the first outer rain and wind bands have begun hitting us in order to keep it real. I guess it’s something like when little African kids get their first spear and go out to kill that initiatory lion.
    Of course, they eventually grow up. The bourgeoisie don’t.

    It’s ackcherley pretty bad out there already. Palm fronds and big branches down in the streets, some minor flooding (or major puddling, depending on how you want to look at it). Thunder and lightning. Rock n’ roll, and it’s over the top babe, and it’s outta control.* And now they say the eyewall will pass pretty much right over Key West. Nice knowin’ ya.

    Hokay, the outer bands of Hurricane Bitch have begun sweeping over Macondo and we prolly got about five or six hours of coursing electrons left in our wires. This is it George. Old Gator signing orf from Macondo, Florida.

    *Bobby and the Midnights

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      1. I did. Power goes on and orf. It might just be FPL testing the grid for weak spots. The heaviest winds and rain will set in around 8PM, they tell us. Hot ziggity.
        Anyhoo thanks for the good wishes. The fates, of course, won’t give a crap but I do appreciate it.

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