He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/6/17

We had a lot of good boys and good girls cheer on the White Sox last night.


Giants 11, Rockies 3Scouts: Joe Panik finished the series with 12 hits after going 5-6 with two RBI’s as the Rockies dropped a key game and now cling to a 2 game lead for the final wild card Spot.

Brewers 1, Reds 7Prof: Oh, Milwaukee. Didn’t we talk about this yesterday? Why don’t you heed my warnings? Anyway, the Brewers were swept by the Reds this series and it puts them even further behind the Cubs in the NL Central playoff race. The only bright spot for Milwaukee was Neil Walker’s solo home run.

Twins 10, Rays 6Scouts: Big win for Minnesota who gave themselves a small amount of breathing room as the Angels lost and the O’s had a rain out.  The game was all tied up at 6 until the Twins busted out with a 3 run 7th that the Rays had no answer to.

Angels 1, Athletics 3Prof:  The A’s were feeling froggy last night, and so were the Angels. This was a crazy game filled with some drama and an ejection. The Angels are fighting for a wild card berth, so emotions are high. Allegations of sign stealings and intimidation were rampant. Khris Davis hit a home run for Oakland.

Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 1Scouts: That’s another loss for the Dodgers and 13 in a row for the D-Backs.  Who would have seen this coming a month ago?

Phillies 3, Mets 6 F/6Prof: There is rain up and down the eastern seaboard. The Mets and Phillies went just enough to be an official game, soggy as it was. Probably a blessing for New York, since they were relying on Robert Gsellman, who tends to fade after five innings, and they only went six. Travis d’Arnaud helped with a homer.

Nationals 8, Marlins 1Prof:  Washington and Miami played in Miami, even though the city is under a hurricane threat. There were maybe 1,000 folks at Marlins Park. The Nats kept Giancarlo Stanton hitless, and the Marlins are on a doozy of a losing streak. I wish OG and his crew the very best of luck in all of this weather.

Astros 5, Mariners 3Scouts: Don’t call me Cameron Maybin (Holy crap that was terrible.  I sincerely apologize.)  jacked a two run bomb in the 9th to put this one away for the ‘Stros and earn a sweep against the M’s.


Indians 5, White Sox 1Scouts: Carlos Carrasco threw 97 pitches and gave up just a two-out 9th inning solo homer.


Cardinals 3, Padres 1Scouts: St. Louie is now just two games behind Colorado for the final wild card spot and lead the Brew Crew by a half a game.

Cubs 1, Pirates 0Prof:  The Cubs finally won a game against Pittsburgh, despite a really great performance from Gerritt Cole. The only run scored was off of an Alex Avila broken bat line drive.

Rangers 12, Braves 8 (Game 1), Rangers 4, Braves 5 (Game 2) – Prof: Atlanta gets a split decision in yesterday’s doubleheader. It may not ever rain in Southern California but it sure as heck does in Cobb County, Georgia. The tarp takes the field more than a competent closer does for the Braves. The first game was a mess, and the second one tight. Game one saw the debut of ultra-young Luiz Gohara, who despite the loss pitched extremely well. But it doesn’t really matter how well you pitch when you go up against an on-fire Elvis Andrus. Andrus drove in three runs, had four hits including a dinger, and is now the third 20-20 guy in the majors behind Mike Trout and Jose Altuve. Freddie Freeman – he of the wet newspaper wrist – hit a double against Cole Hamels that put the Bravos over the top in game two.


Blue Jays 1, Red Sox 6Scouts: Jackie Bradley Jr hit a homer to cap off a 4 run fourth, and Doug Fister kept the Blue Jays to a single run.  No word on a new Apple sponsorship for the Sox.

Royals 13, Tigers 2Prof: Salvy Perez hit two home runs, with 3 RBI, and Alcides Escobar was a dinger short of the cycle.

Yankees, Orioles – PPD



11 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/6/17

  1. It seemed almost cruel to everyone involved to play that Nats/Marlins game at night last night; given the impending weather, if cancellation wasn’t on the table, at least pushing the start up till noon or so seemed like the right move to give stadium support staff more time to prep for Irma. But no one asked me…

    This happened, too:

    Ms. Janes is one of the Nats’ beat reporters, and according to her twitter feed, she’s now apparently driving back to DC in a rental car, although her whereabouts are unknown. (I’m sure she’s safe, she’s just somewhere on I-95).

    One bright note for Prof: I was listening to part of the game in the car, which meant Marlins announcers, and they mentioned that your boy Big Buckin’ Chicken Bour might be back with the big club this weekend.

    To OG and anyone else who might be impacted by Irma, be safe.

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    1. Eye candy! Gimme! I didn’t hear this great news about Bour. What a happy thing.

      I-95, meep. When I travel down to NoVa to visit the fellow I’ve been seeing, I usually see a disabled vehicle or a car fire on I-95N. Never fails.


  2. Cameron Maybin is virtually carrying the Astros of late. Quite a waiver pickup (all he cost from the Angels was the salary).

    I said this before. Give Luhnow his credit. He does the due diligence. But it doesn’t hurt to be lucky, either.

    And my empathy to all of you Florida guys. The rains were terrible here, and some areas (lighter population) got high winds. But you are essentially getting a two hundred mile diameter tornado hit you. I have a niece living in Miami. Be careful, and Godspeed.

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      1. If JV enters the HOF he will do so wearing a Tiger’s cap. A good post season performance for the Astro’s might turn out to be a crucial part of his HOF case. Of course it would have been much more powerful if done on behalf of the 2017 edition of the 1987 Twins, but reality is what it is.

        This is all for your own good young lady.

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  3. “And I think I’m gonna get hit!” – Captain Beefheart

    It’s been nuts down here. Long lines at the gas stations. Lawyers’ wives in BMWs indignant that they have to wait in line behind Toyota Corollas. That sort of thing. Hurricane Andrew did in fact destroy a seven story building full of law orifices adjacent to the South Dade courthouses in Cutler Ridge. Substandard construction. Heeee heeee heeee. We don’t know if Irma will be so benevolent.

    We’re all set here on the west side of town. Got the highest knob of ridgeland in south Florida. Check. Got the yard, patio and gazebo cleared off and furniture stored inside. Check. Got the shutters closed and locked. Check. Got the garage cleared out to make room for both cars. Check. Four gallons of bleach, a jug of muriatic acid and a two pound bucket of chlorine tablets for the pool when the filter and chlorinator go out, check. Plenty of canned food, dog food, doggie tranks, bottles of water. Check.

    Now, here’s hoping Hurricane Bitch stays well orfshore.


      1. Danke but it would take the KT meteorite landing between here and Bimini to push water this far west. We’re okay. We’ll prolly be orfline for a while once this thing passes through but our home is a shuttered bombshelter and since we’re too far inland to worry about water, we’re not especially worried about the wind either. Been through Andrew. This’ll be about the same.


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