He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/5/17

So it appears that the Red Sox have copped to using Apple watches to steal signs from the Yankees and possibly additional teams.  The Red Sox countered by accusing the Yankees of using cameras to steal signs of their own.  I feel like this is a pretty important story involving two playoff teams that will eventually get swept under the rug as in involved two of MLB’s golden teams.  In a perfect world, the Red Sox would suffer severe cheating for this intentional, pre-meditated cheating scheme, however I wonder if they won’t end up with simple fines.  Manfred already seems to be distancing himself from providing any punishment.

“Could it happen? You know, is there the authority to do that? I think the answer to that, under the major league constitution, is yes,” he said. “Has it ever happened with this type of allegation? I think the answer is — I know the answer is no.

“And the reason for that,” he added, “is it’s just very hard to know what the actual impact on any particular game was of an alleged violation.”

Come on Manfred.  The Red Sox have already openly admitted their complicity in this scheme.  How are you going to just stand there, shrug your shoulders and say “Meh, no biggie”.  If you don’t handle this commissioner, the players will find a way to settle it on the field.  But then again, maybe that’s what you want.  It is good for ratings after-all.



Blue Jays 2, Red Sox 3 F/19Scouts: The Red Sox scored two in the 9th to send this one to extras.  9 innings later someone finally scored to put an end to it.  No word on if the Sox had to recharge their Apple watches between innings.


Phillies 9, Mets 1Prof: Well, this stings a bit. Phillies pitcher Ben Lively took two off of presumed Mets ace Jacob deGrom. One of those was a two run single. The other was a two run homer. Lively also gets a decisive win against a banged up New York team. These days it’s easier to say who doesn’t have an injury rather than who does. In fact, even more Mets are messed up – shortstop Amed Rosario has a finger contusion and Wilmer Flores has a broken nose from a foul ball. Oh, and Terry Collins is going to rush M-tt H-rv-y out on short rest to pitch. For the love of God, why man? You’re not going to win squat and you’re only going to potentially injure a guy you are gonna need to be healthy next season.

Indians 9, White Sox 4Scouts: Okay Cleveland, this is getting a little out of hand.  13 consecutive wins and my Baltimore Orioles are about to come to town.  Time to settle down please and thank you.


Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 1 F/10Scouts: LA is now 1 for their last 11.  What is going on? There was a play at the plate, and Justin Turner’s throw got away from catcher Yasmani Grandal which allowed the two winning runs to score.  Arizona has won their 12th in a row and haven’t trailed in 98 innings.


Cardinals 8, Padres 4Scouts: Jose Martinez smacked two homers as Padres lefty Travis Wood got taken out back and smacked around pretty good giving up 7 runs by the third inning.

Cubs 3, Pirates 4Prof: WHAT THE HECK CUBS. takes deep breath

I. Just. I can’t. Y’all got no business losing to any team in the NL Central, Chicago. None. You’re 3 1/2 games ahead of the Brewers for control of that division, when you should be like five bazillion. Even winning the World Series can’t stop you from channeling that inner Cubness of the last one hundred years at the worst possible times. Like now, for example. Anyway, Jake Arrieta had an MRI and he might miss his next start, Kyle Hendricks only allowed two runs and drew a no-decision, and Ian Happ, that young firebrand, tried his best to get Chicago to Fly The W.

Brewers 3, Reds 9Prof: In this battle of wee children, the dearest of them emerged victorious. That, friends, would be my own small son, Scooter Gennett, who hit a home run off of his old team and helped send overgrown second grader Zach Davies to a loss. This was particularly bad because the Cubs (as seen above) are also losing, and the Brewers are wasting their opportunity to cinch a playoff berth.


Yankees 6, Orioles 7Scouts: After more than a two hour rain delay the game got underway.  Things looked pretty ugly in Baltimore as the Yankees jumped out to a 6-1 lead in the third.  But Baltimore hung in there and chipped away bit by bit until Manny Machado knocked in his third fucking walk off home run in the past 19 days, his second homer of the game.  Dude is absolutely on fire.


Angels 8, Athletics 7 F/10 – Scouts: Ben Revere singled in the winning run in the 10th for the Angels who won a back and forth offensive display.

Royals 2, Tigers 13Prof: My goodness, Detroit lost their damn minds in the second inning. I can just imagine Beautiful Brad in the dugout screaming “FINISH THEM!”, Mortal Kombat style. So many Tiger home runs. A bad thing happened, though; Anibal Sanchez pitched to one guy and had to leave the game in the first due to some kind of thing with his leg.

Nationals 2, Marlins 1Prof: Stephen Strasburg went six innings and Sean Doolittle gets the save in this close game against the Feesh. Daniel Murphy hit another home run, and Royce Harpler did THIS to his hair.

God almighty, that’s awful. Plus he has the nerve to quote Riff Raff/Jody Highroller in his Insta pic. “This ain’t no middle of the mall shit” MY ASS. UGH. Bro, you wish you were Riff Raff.

Giants 6, Rockies 9Scouts: Lot of late runs in this one as both teams combined for 12 runs starting in the bottom of the 6th.  Hello bullpen action!


Astros 3, Mariners 1Scouts: It was a pretty good day for new members of the Astros!  Justin Verlander made his Houston debut shutting down the Mariners to one run over 6 innings.  Cameron Maybin hit the go-ahead, two-run homer in the 7th.

Twins 1, Rays 2Prof: Wooooooooooo boy, Jake Odorizzi took it to the house last night. Had a no-hit bid going into the seventh inning, broken up by Joe Mauer. On offense, the hero of the day was Lucas Duda, who had a home run and brought both runs in at the Trop. The Trop was pretty empty, but it’s understandable – there’s a big Cat-5 headed right for them. I’d be getting the heck out of town, too.

Rangers, Braves – PPD

6 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 9/5/17

  1. Thank you, Prof, for explaining the “middle of the mall” bits; I’m an old, personally, and had no idea what Harper was talking about, although I do get the sense that the boy is bored spitless right now.

    Harper has started to resume something resembling baseball activities, as he was seen playing catch during pre-game yesterday, about which the media tweeted; his injured leg is his plant leg, and while the footage was grainy, it was clear he wasn’t exactly cutting loose on his throws yet. Tick tock…

    Also making news for his pre-game throwing was Max Scherzer, who took a liner off his lower leg in his last start. Word is that Scherzer pronounced himself fine and ready to make his next start on Friday.

    As to the game, Strasburg was limited to six innings of shutout ball because he once again experienced cramping in his calf, despite his claiming that he’s been hydrating. He says he asked for an IV during the game, but was denied it. He’s now on a streak of 26 scoreless innings, and I don’t think he’s got enough starts left to catch Hershiser, but it’s something to watch, anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. BTW my son seems to be doing somewhat better in a two steps forward, one step backwards and three steps sideways sort of way. Mental illness is horrible but life goes on.

        Liked by 4 people

        1. If you need anyone, I’m here for you. While I don’t have bipolar I understand how crippling a mental illness setback can be. Trust me. It’s hard, for you and him and everyone who has ever loved him. You’re in my thoughts, Happy. Love you.


    1. Also, I seriously considered posting a Riff Raff video but he only has one good song and its not the middle of the mall one. Lol


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