He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/29/17

Prof: Editorial note, for the next couple of days both Scout and I will have some craziness going on, so if the next couple of recaps posts are a little thin, you’ll know why.


Cardinals 10, Brewers 2Prof: Whew! Man, the Brewers are getting cold and the Redbirds are getting hot right at the wrong times. (Your mileage may vary.) While Matt Garza coughed it up pretty badly, he did have a pretty sweet play off the mound, which I will show you:

That was, of course, before everything went to poo. It was pretty much small ball except for a dinger from Matt Carpenter.

White Sox 4, Twins 6Scouts: Jorge Polanco hit them from both sides of the plate giving Ervin Santana some room to work.  Santana completed a undefeated month and is helping the Twins hold on for dear life.


Dodgers 6, Diamondbacks 7Scouts: Rich Hill, fresh off that amazing no hitter got rocked around early, giving up 5 in the first inning.  LA attempted a comeback with 1 in the 8th and another in the 9th, but it was just too deep a hole to climb out from.

Athletics 2, Angels 8Scouts: CJ Cron’s 3 run homer finished off a 5 run first for the Angels who cruised onto victory.

Giants 3, Padres 6Scouts: The Padres got homers out of Manual Margot and Jabari Blash to chase Matt Moore to his 13th loss on the season.

Mariners 0, Orioles 4Prof:  Props to Dylan Bundy, who threw a one hit complete game! He fanned twelve, and here’s a stat that longtime readers of this blog know will warm the cold dark depths of my heart:

MOOSE. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE. Anyway, Manny Machado hit a bunch of home runs and was also generally awesome, but this game rightfully belonged to Dylan Bundy.


Rays 2, Royals 6Prof: OH MY GOD THE ROYALS SCORED!?!?! A guy named Whit Merrifield (!?!?) hit a home run in the third inning to break a scoreless drought of 45 innings for Kansas City. You read that right – 45 INNINGS! Holy cats, Batman! And that homer felt so good, you know they had to have more of them. Jorge Bonifacio and Eric Hosmer joined in the fun, and the Royals won at home for the first time since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Tigers 3, Rockies 7Scouts: Nolan Arenado, the second best third baseman in the league (I kid, I kid.) smacked a three-run homer in the 7th for his 30th on the season.

Marlins 3, Nationals 8Prof: Lord have mercy on us all. Giancarlo Stanton is our new baseball overlord and I, for one, welcome him. The Iron Giant tied a MLB record by hitting his 18th home run in the month of August, and now has 51 for the season. Holy cats. Even with Stanton’s awesome deeds, it was hard to stop Washington. The Treat Urner is back, and Anthony Rendon hit a three run double after the bullpen tried to do Nats bullpen things.

Red Sox 3, Blue Jays 0Scouts: Chris Sale bounced back from two consecutive losses by striking out 11 over 7 and giving up just 3 hits.  Sale is now the fastest player to reach 1,500 strikeouts.  Even with Sale’s performance the Jays had a good shot at winning this one, as Brett Anderson surrendered just one run over 5.2 and the Jays had a bases loaded situation in the 8th.


Mets 4, Reds 14Prof:  Oh my god, this was bad. It started bad, it ended bad. Cincinnati came out of the gate with five runs, hit two more in the middle of the game, and then ended on a high note with seven in the eighth inning. To add insult to injury the Mets committed three errors. Name a Reds hitter and he probably scored a run, but Zack Cozart and my boy Scooter Gennett were especially effective.

Pirates 1, Cubs 4Scouts: Jake Arrieta and Chad Kuhl dueled it out for 5 strong innings before the damn finally broke and Chicago busted out for three runs, starting with a Ben Zobrist home run.

Rangers 12, Astros 2 (at the Trop) – Prof: A rough night for the Astros, whose hearts weren’t really in the ballgame. Even Astros manager A.J. Finch admitted as much in an interview – he wished that he could be back in Houston helping folks who were still struggling to survive in the massive floods. Thanks to the kind folks in charge of the Rays organization, who opened their homes to the Astros and let the Trop act as Minute Maid Park in a Can for this series. And while there were only about 3500 folks at the game, it was very much full of that fighting Texas spirit. Good on ya, Rays. As far as the game went, Adrian Beltre passed Ernie Banks on the all time RBI list and Joey Gallo hit a two run homer, because Joey Gallo.


Indians, Yankees & Braves, Phillies – PPD To be Made Up Aug 30th.

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 8/29/17

  1. “The Treat Urner is back, and Anthony Rendon hit a three run double after the bullpen tried to do Nats bullpen things.”

    You were watching a different game than I, Prof, or you misread the boxscore. Edwin Jackson pitched into the 7th last night, gave up two hits, threw the ball into right field on a sac bunt, allowing a run to score and putting Marlins at 2nd and 3rd, and then intentionally walked the Iron Giant, before yielding to Oliver Perez with the bases loaded, no outs, and the Nats up 5-3. Perez got a fielder’s choice (3rd to home), then Albers got the other two outs with no harm, and so it was still 5-3 heading to the bottom of the 7th, when Rendon eventually doubled to put the game out of reach. Kintzler and Doolittle closed it out after that, although Doolittle did give up a couple of hits in the 9th to make things just a little interesting.

    Speaking of the Iron Giant, WaPo ran this piece yesterday, a bit of wishcasting that makes Game of Thrones look like a goddamn documentary in comparison:


    If you can’t read it because of a pay wall, it lays out a fantasy where the Nats trade for Stanton over the winter.

    In closing the barn door after the horse is dead news, because last night’s game was played in moist conditions, the Nats’ ground crew instituted a policy of swapping the bases out every (half?) inning, because they wouldn’t want anyone else to slip and get hurt.

    Nice to see Mike Mussina mentioned here, as he’s the only major league player that I’ve actually met in person, although it was after he retired. My sister and her family live in Montoursville, PA, where Moose is from and still resides, and Moose brought his kid to my nephew’s birthday party one year, so I got to meet and chat with him a while. Good guy.


    1. It’s entirely possible that I somehow got the wrong feed last night, my wifi is spotty AF and it can be difficult to do the write ups when it’s constantly dropping. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

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